Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Bath Dental

Here at EJ Ultrasonics, we offer the most reliable ultrasonic cleaning systems for many industries, including medical applications. In the Dental industry, the ultrasonic cleaning system is an industry standard and known for its high-quality cleaning standard.

Many studies have shown, that using a dental ultrasonic cleaner is great for thoroughly cleaning tools and sterilising them. Utilising an ultrasonic cleaning system such as our bench top tank allows the tools to get rid of unwanted blood, food particles and saliva quicker and up to a pristine level of condition.

Our Ultrasonic dental bath uses an aqueous-based solution (water-based) so that no harsh chemicals could potentially be left on the instruments; this is also a much more precise and swifter way of getting the dental tools cleaned thoroughly. This still provides the best standard while being environmentally friendly.

Reccomended Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions For Dental Tools