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EJ Ultrasonics are the leading manufacturers of British-made ultrasonic cleaners.

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EJ Ultrasonics are experienced in the repairs of ultrasonic cleaning machines.
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Who We Are

Over 40 Years In The Ultrasonic Cleaning Business

EJ Ultrasonics is a name you can trust in Ultrasonic cleaning technology, with over 40 years of experience in the field of ultrasonic cleaning we have help solve cleaning issues for some of the biggest names in industry including Rolls Royce, Brandauer, Stryker, Depuy, Specsavers and many more.

Based in the Midlands at the heart of the UK, EJ Ultrasonics have been designing and developing some the of most reliable and effective Ultrasonic precision cleaning systems around the globe, cleaning everything from the FA Cup to medical implants and thousands of different components in between. Our systems have helped these industries increase quality and productivity, reduce rejections and help save money by reducing labour.

What Our Clients Say

The machine is brilliant and much better than our last machine, with results that allow us to remove a brightening process we previously used, saving us time and money. EJ Ultrasonics are delighted to have helped Fracino keep its customers’ cups full with quality coffee which tastes great.

Adrian Maxwell
MD. Fracino


Experts In Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Across a wide number of sectors, industrial cleaning tasks are vital, vast and varied. Every component must be treated with great precision and care, from factories and workshops to garages and healthcare centres.

At EJ Ultrasonics, we’re the experts in superior, tailor-made cleaning solutions for your industry. We specialise in delivering bespoke industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment that perfectly meets your needs to ensure you get the highly effective clean you need.

Our large industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines stand out as the robust and reliable choice for heavy-duty industrial cleaning. Designed with large-scale operations in mind, our stainless-steel units can withstand rigorous, continual use, giving your business unparalleled cleaning power and easily tackling stubborn industrial contaminants, time and time again.

Our industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines are not just powerful, they’re smart. With multi-stage and automatic machines available that give you full control of your ultrasonic

We offer the most comprehensive industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines available, all within a compact, efficient, effective and reliable design. Our commitment to meeting your needs means we provide custom-built units to suit your exact requirements. Explore our range of ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment and discover how we can revolutionise your cleaning process.

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What We Do

Passion That Builds Excellence

We design and develop ultrasonic cleaning systems for those who require critical cleaning solutions. If your process demands precision cleaning, then EJ Ultrasonics can provide you with tailored solutions to your toughest cleaning challenges.

We supply benchtop cleaners, multi-stage units, automated cleaners and special bespoke units. From 3 litres to 3000 litres our design team have built ultrasonic cleaners to suit all requirements.

Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment can help you save time, money and get the best clean possible ensuring that the quality of your process never suffers.
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CNC Milling Service
Diamond force hard chrome plating

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions Can Work For You


Get repeatable & accurate results from your cleaning improving the quality or your process.


Increase efficiency by automating your cleaning.


Save time by using effective cleaning solutions and reducing your cleaning times.


Ultrasonic Cleaners are specialist cleaning units perfect for cleaning complex parts.
How We Help

Providing The Right Solutions

We have supplied ultrasonic cleaners for all types of applications and have a good understanding of what is best in different various scenarios. Our customer focused approach makes sure you get the right ultrasonic cleaner for your process. This means that cleaning becomes a process your company does not have to worry about. We are experts in ultrasonic cleaning and provide the right solutions for your needs.

Real Customers, Real UsesSee Our Work

Zimmer Biomet
Zimmer Biomet
Zimmer Biomet needed a new ultrasonic cleaning system, so contacted EJ Ultrasonics for their tailored solution.
Zimmer Biomet
ITP Aero
ITP Aero
ITP Aero needed a new ultrasonic cleaning system, so contacted EJ Ultrasonics for their tailored solution.
ITP Aero
Global Metal Finishers
Global Metal Finishers
Global Metal Finishers weren't getting the results they needed, so contacted EJ Ultrasonics for a new ultrasonic cleaning solution to continue operations.
Global Metal Finishers
Automating Specsavers’ Operations
Automating Specsavers’ Operations
Award-winning opticians branch Specsavers had a problem with their ultrasonic cleaning operations, but they knew who to call
Automating Specsavers’ Operations
Fracino Coffee Boiler Rescue
Fracino Coffee Boiler Rescue
When you are given the task of restoring the Rugby World Cup and you're Ultrasonic Cleaner goes down there is only one company you can call...
Fracino Coffee Boiler Rescue
Saving The Rugby World Cup with Thomas Lyte
Saving The Rugby World Cup with Thomas Lyte
When you are given the task of restoring the Rugby World Cup and you're Ultrasonic Cleaner goes down there is only one company you can call...
Saving The Rugby World Cup with Thomas Lyte
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