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Providing ultrasonic manufacturing in the UK and across Europe. Langford Ultrasonics has a long heritage of Ultrasonic manufacturing in the UK and across Europe. Langford has provided ultrasonic cleaning machines for Marconi, Rolex and Rolls Royce.
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The Sonomatic range is renowned for quality and reliable units that serve industry giving environmentally friendly, energy efficient and effective precision cleaning.

In order to maintain our position at the forefront of ultrasonic cleaning technology, EJ is investing in technological development and an expanding range of products that will ensure our ultrasonic cleaning systems are fit for use with any type of application. We endeavour to continually work with our customers to create systems for new applications.

EJ Ultrasonics are one of the biggest service centres for ultrasonic cleaners and provide an excellent and trustworthy service, repair and maintenance service, with ultrasonic cleaning units available to hire to limit downtime on your processes.

Whether you are precision cleaning a carburettor caked with oil, a delicate lens, or the most precious diamonds, EJ Ultrasonics can offer you a range of solutions, tailored to your specific requirements

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More About Our Langford Sonomatic Range

The range has small benchtop units that are ideal for tattooists and jewellers, with up to 200 litre units which can have the option for a pump and filter systems. We stock a number of units within this range and can normally deliver within 10 working days.

All of our Langford Ultrasonic units have stainless steel to protect them from any spillages that may occur during the cleaning process.

A unique advanced ultrasonic technology is used to constantly monitor power output and ensure levels are not exceeded for the particular tank despite fluctuations in fluctuating power, water level, or tank loading. This technology prolongs the life of the cleaning tank and electronics.

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Langford Benchtop Units

If you need a compact and lightweight ultrasonic cleaner, then the Langford Benchtop ultrasonic cleaning unit is ideal for you.
From Jewellers to tattooists, to small workshops, our Langford ultrasonic cleaners are reliable and efficient ultrasonic cleaners for your business.
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Langford Industrial Units

A unique advanced ultrasonic technology is used to constantly monitor power output of this industrial Langford unit. They are also perfect for industry use and the analogue settings are designed for operators wearing gloves.

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We can service or repair all Langford Units.  If you have had your unit for some time, let us take care of it and ensure that it is working correctly with our years of expert knowledge.

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Langford Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine | FAQs

At EJ Ultrasonics, we understand when customers are browsing for sonic cleaning machines, they want to understand all there is to know about them. We have the answers to your questions regarding Langford ultrasonic cleaners and below are some of the most common queries we receive. From maintenance and repair questions to information on technical specifications, our expertise is here to guide you on everything you want to know. You can also get in touch with any other questions you may have.

How does ultrasonic technology work in Langford Ultrasonics products?

The ultrasonic technology in a Langford ultrasonic cleaner works more or less the same as other sonic cleaning machines. Ultrasonic waves create microscopic bubbles in water and a cleaning solution that create pressure when they implode to precisely clean a host of materials and products. The advantage the Langford range has is users can constantly monitor power output, meaning power levels are never exceeded despite any type of fluctuations in water level, tank loading or power.

What industries and applications often use Langford Ultrasonics?

The Langford Benchtop Units are often used by jewellers, tattooists and industries with small workshops who clean smaller items. The Langford Industrial Units are more than capable of handling larger cleaning jobs thanks to the largest model possessing a capacity of 200 litres. Industries such as automotive, aerospace and manufacturing will use a Langford ultrasonic cleaner from this range.

Are there any technical specifications available for Langford Ultrasonics products?

Yes! As a part of the Langford Benchtop Units range, the Langford 375TT has a capacity of 2.3 litres, an operating voltage of 230V, a weight of 2.7kg, temperature selection from 20 to 80°C and an operating frequency of 40khz. The largest in these benchtop units – the Langford 575TT – has a capacity of 4.9 litres, a weight of 3.5kg, a temperature selection from 20 to 80°C, an operating voltage of 230V and an operating frequency of 40khz.

Part of the industrial units’ range, the smallest capacity ultrasonic cleaner is the Sonomatic 2900D with 28-litre capacity, ultrasonic power of 600w and is made from stainless steel 316. Our largest Langford ultrasonic cleaner has a capacity of 200 litres, internal dimensions of 600 x 500 x 400 and ultrasonic power of 2000w. Send us an enquiry for exact specifications on Langford ultrasonic cleaners by emailing us at

What precautions should I take when using Langford ultrasonic machines?

As with any ultrasonic cleaner, several precautions should be taken when using a Langford ultrasonic cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating the ultrasonic cleaner as well as using appropriate cleaning solutions. Depending on the compatible chemical, you may wish to wear protective gear, such as goggles, gloves and a lab coat to protect your skin and eyes. If you are cleaning sharp or delicate objects, handle them with care and ensure they are secured to prevent damage to the ultrasonic cleaner. Finally, it’s best to avoid overloading the ultrasonic cleaner as this may reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

While these are some of the safest machines to use, these precautions are here to protect the user and to ensure the machine functions properly.

How long will my Lanford ultrasonic machine last?

With proper maintenance, a Langford ultrasonic cleaner will last for many years. Maintenance is important to ensure your ultrasonic cleaner is operating at optimum efficiency and that any issues can be spotted early before they become problematic. EJ Ultrasonics can provide maintenance and servicing for your Langford ultrasonic cleaner.

Can you repair my existing Langford ultrasonic machine?

Yes. We can repair all Langford units even if you have an existing one. If you need a repair quickly, call us on 01527 831678 and we’ll book a time to come and repair your ultrasonic cleaner.

How often should my Langford machine have maintenance checks performed?

We recommend performing maintenance checks on your Langford machine every 6-12 months. This will ensure it is functioning at its highest and will help to spot any issues before they turn into much bigger problems, leading to disruptive repairs. We have over 40 years of experience in performing maintenance checks, so get in touch with us by email at to book a maintenance check.

Can EJ Ultrasonics source replacement Langford ultrasonic machines?

While we aim to resolve any major issues with our repair service, if you require a replacement Langford ultrasonic cleaner, we would be more than happy to source one. We have an extensive range of benchtop units and larger, industrial units from the Langford brand.