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Industrial cleaning of components can come in many forms and has a reputation for being a dirty, labour-intensive and time-consuming process.

At EJ Ultrasonics, we know a better way. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines have been slowly, but steadily, gaining a reputation over the last few decades as being not only a highly effective method for cleaning a wide range of items – from large machine components to complex engineering parts – but also a more affordable, eco-friendly and labour-saving way of getting the job done well.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners come in a variety of different types, shapes and sizes too, making it easy to find the perfect solution to the cleaning needs of your business. You can explore the wide variety of machines we supply below, including our industrial ultrasonic cleaner range, our smaller benchtop ultrasonic cleaners, multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners which are perfect for customising your cleaning setup with extra stages, and even our automated ultrasonic cleaner for the ultimate in timesaving at your cleaning station.

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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment from EJ Ultrasonics

With over 40 years of experience in the ultrasonic cleaner industry, we’re ideally positioned to create the perfect bespoke solution for you and your business. If none of our industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines is quite right for your business, we can build you a made-to-measure bespoke solution that does exactly what you need it to do. To chat with us about your needs and find out more about how ultrasonic cleaners can revolutionise your cleaning line, call us on 01527 831678, or email us at info@ejultrasonics.co.uk.

Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

We’re glad you asked! As specialists in the field, we know everything there is to know about ultrasonic cleaning, and we also invest in improving and developing the technology behind ultrasonic cleaners to maximise the potential usage of the technology. We have a comprehensive knowledge centre featuring many articles on ultrasonic cleaning, how it works and its many uses. Here are just a few of our articles to get you started:

Is an ultrasonic cleaning machine the same as an industrial cleaning machine?

Broadly speaking, yes – an ultrasonic cleaning machine is a different way of achieving the same results as a traditional industrial cleaning machine. The many benefits of ultrasonic cleaning include a major reduction in the need for manual labour, better energy efficiency and the elimination of harmful chemicals and solvents from the process. Read more here.

Which industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner is best for me?

We’ve put together an ultrasonic cleaning machine buyer’s guide to answer this exact query, and if you still have questions you need answering just get in touch with the friendly EJ Ultrasonics team.