Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer Bonding Service

Ultrasonic transducers are critical components of the ultrasonic cleaning process, serving as the heart of the system. The quality of the process can be severely hindered if your transducer is not correctly bonded to your ultrasonic cleaner. This service aims to provide reliable and efficient transducer bonding, ensuring optimal performance.
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What Service is Provided

An ultrasonic transducer needs to be firmly and correctly installed within your ultrasonic cleaner to ensure optimum performance, but, over time, natural wear and tear can loosen the bond causing the whole unit to become less effective. It is advisable to have your unit serviced annually and your transducer bond repaired the moment it begins to loosen.

There are various types of bonding that companies use to suit all manner of environments for the transducer, including the following:

Epoxy Bonding

One of the most common methods of bonding ultrasonic transducers when the general usage is compatible with epoxy resins, as it forms a very strong and durable bond. Here at EJ use a special type of epoxy that is aerospace quality but can be used on most applications.

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Mechanical Fastening

In situations where epoxy bonding may not be suitable, such as incompatible materials or thermal expansion coefficients, mechanical fasteners like screws or bolts may be used.

Ultrasonic Welding

If both the transducer and the ultrasonic cleaner tank are made of materials suitable for welding, then this will offer a superb bond that may last longer than alternative methods.

Whatever process is used, the bonded transducer will be put through some quality checks, including acoustic testing, durability testing and efficiency methods to ensure your ultrasonic cleaner is at peak performance when you leave.

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Key Features

There are many reasons to have your transducer bonding serviced with us including the following features:

Knowledge and Expertise

With decades of experience across the team at EJ Ultrasonics, there is nothing we don’t know about the system and our team of highly educated engineers even design units in-house.

Custom Solutions

Our ultrasonic transducer bonding repair solutions are tailored based on the specific requirements of the application, including the type of transducer, the frequency range and the materials used.

Specialist Bonding materials

We use specialist aerospace standard materials to ensure the best bond to the tank, with 0.01 failure rate on our transducers.

Quality Assurance

We rigorously test all our ultrasonic transducer bonds to ensure your system will be working at optimum efficiency once more.

Industry Compliance

The service adheres to the industry standards and regulations where the unit is employed, such as healthcare, aerospace or food processing.


Our prices are extremely competitive without compromising on quality or care.


We supply you with all comprehensive records of the bonding process and quality assurance testing used to ensure your compliance and for future reference.

Post Service Support

Our after-sales support service is second to none, with our helpful team always available with guidance and advice.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Transducers

Well-bonded transducers offer many benefits to your ultrasonic cleaner resulting in more effective operation and savings. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Enhanced Cleaning

A well-bonded transducer ensures optimum acoustic coupling, allowing the ultrasonic waves to propagate more effectively through the cleaning solution. Excellent at cleaning intricate parts

2. Longevity and Durability

If your ultrasonic transducer is insufficiently bonded, it is more likely to become detached or degrade quicker, leading to a shorter service life and the need for more frequent repairs.

3. Reduced Heat Generation

Correct bonding ensures better thermal conductivity between the ultrasonic transducer and cleaning tank providing greater dissipation of the heat generated during the process.

4. Lower Operational Costs

A well-bonded transducer will operate at optimum efficiency meaning you will save money on energy, maintenance and more frequent repairs.

5. Better Frequency Control

The accuracy of your frequency is key for effective cleaning, and a properly bonded transducer will offer better frequency stability which provides more effective cleaning.

Experts in Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines

Industries Served

As ultrasonic cleaners are so versatile and effective, they are found in numerous industries, cleaning various materials and components, including the following:

Medical and Healthcare

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly valuable to the medical and healthcare industry thanks to its ability to effectively clean and sterilise surgical instruments and equipment, including scalpels, dental tools and lab equipment such as glassware and pipettes. Ultrasonic cleaning also offers a more time-efficient method of cleaning and ensures a thorough cleaning that removes dangerous contaminants.

Manufacturing and Engineering

In manufacturing and engineering, it is important to have a powerful and efficient Industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner because metal components typically need to be free from oil lubricants and any other residue before assembly or post-processing. Also, many components used in the makeup of parts can be extremely small or in tight areas and inaccessible to other cleaning methods.


Various small components of electronics, including circuit boards, connectors, chips and more are susceptible to accumulating dust, dirt and. The gentle nature of ultrasonic cleaning combined with a mild detergent is the best way to clear all contaminants without damaging any delicate parts. Thanks to the size of the small components, you can clean multiple parts simultaneously saving on time and money.


The average car will build up grime, grease, oil and carbon very quickly and this build-up can be detrimental to the performance of the vehicle, resulting in lower efficiency and possible costly repairs. Many parts and components of a car are ideal for ultrasonic cleaning including pistons, carburettors and cylinder heads. Read more here.


In the aerospace industry, precision, reliability and safety are critical factors which can all be impaired by contaminants on parts and components. Ultrasonic cleaning is a crucial method to clean complex geometries, systems, gears and avionics to ensure an aircraft is at optimum performance and meets all safety standards.

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Get In Touch With EJ Ultrasonics

At EJ Ultrasonics, we have a vast knowledge of ultrasonics and even design and manufacture ultrasonic cleaners for sale in-house. Our transducer bonding services will ensure your ultrasonic cleaning system operates at peak performance every time and your transducer stays exactly where it is meant to. If you are looking for a more efficient way to clean parts, or your current system is not working as it should, browse our superb range and if you need further help, get in touch with our friendly team and we will discuss the best course of action for you. We pride ourselves on our great customer care, competitive pricing and a support service that is second to none.

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