Defence And Weaponry Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaners For Military Defence Equipment

Ultrasonic cleaners are growing in popularity within the defence sector thanks to their huge range of benefits in cleaning quickly, effectively and without damaging equipment in ways that traditional cleaning methods can.

These defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners can reach crevices and intricate parts that are all but impossible to reach by other means, which is why they provide a quick and efficient way to maintain military equipment, keeping it in great working condition. Firearms and other weaponry all need to be thoroughly cleaned to perform reliably time after time, and defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaning units are available in a wide range of sizes to clean different sizes of equipment.

Smaller rifle parts can be quickly cleaned in a benchtop machine, whereas larger parts from aircraft, ship parts or other machinery related to the Forces, can be cleaned in industrial ultrasonic cleaners, spacious, floor-standing cleaners and even fully automated units.

Why Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner For Defence And Weaponry?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a more environmentally friendly method of cleaning defence equipment than the current methods of cleaning, as one tank of water (95% with 5% cleaning solution) can clean an entire section’s worth of weaponry parts – as opposed to the amount of cleaning equipment, mostly chemicals and wire brushes, needed to do the job manually.

Defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners also save time, as they can thoroughly clean in minutes compared to by hand, which takes much longer. They reach virtually impossible and intricate parts, which are impossible to clean by hand and reduce the amount of damage caused by more abrasive manual cleaning techniques, saving the number of repairs and replacements needed.

Our Defence and Weaponry Ultrasonic Cleaners

At EJ Ultrasonics, we excel in providing defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners that meet the exacting standards of military precision. Our machines are bespoke solutions, crafted to ensure top-tier performance and unwavering reliability for the defence sector.

Military Grade Precision

Our defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners are the epitome of precision engineering, designed to offer deep and thorough cleaning crucial for the upkeep of firearms, tactical gear and critical defence tools. The innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology incorporated by EJ Ultrasonics guarantees every operation is completed with meticulous attention to detail, safeguarding the optimal function of sensitive components.

Customisable Cleaning Solutions

At EJ Ultrasonics, we understand that military cleaning applications require specific attention to detail. That’s why our defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners are designed with customisable settings that adapt seamlessly to a wide range of cleaning requirements. From delicate electronics to rugged vehicular components, our machines ensure precision cleaning tailored to the unique needs of each piece of equipment.

Robust and Reliable

Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are the embodiment of robustness and reliability, engineered to perform consistently under the tough conditions typical within the defence sector. These machines are built to last, providing dependable, thorough cleaning for every type of military equipment. No matter the challenge, our ultrasonic cleaners deliver unwavering performance, ensuring operational effectiveness for critical missions.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners For Unmatched Cleaning Precision

EJ Ultrasonics spearheads the market with industrial ultrasonic cleaners that epitomise precision in cleaning, tailoring advanced solutions for the demanding maintenance needs of the defence sector.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

Precision Cleaning

Utilising high-frequency sound waves, our industrial ultrasonic cleaners create a cavitation effect in the cleaning fluid. This process produces tiny, energetic bubbles that implode on contact with surfaces, ensuring an exceptional level of precision cleaning. This advanced technique removes even the most stubborn contaminants from complex parts.

Efficiency And Timesaving

In defence, where time is always of the essence, our cleaning technology offers a significant advantage. Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners operate with a speed that manual cleaning cannot match, cutting down operational downtime. This efficiency is vital for maintaining the high readiness levels required for defence equipment, enabling swift maintenance cycles and rapid redeployment.

Consistent Results

Each cycle provides uniform results, ensuring that every part cleaned meets the stringent standards expected in the defence industry. This consistency is critical for maintaining the performance and reliability of equipment that must operate flawlessly in demanding situations. Our systems ensure that military units can proceed with confidence in their equipment’s condition.

Compliance With Industry Standards

Adherence to industry standards is non-negotiable in the defence sector, so our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are engineered to comply with these exact requirements. Our cleaners undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the stringent specifications set by military regulations, providing peace of mind that every cleaning process aligns with operational protocols and safety standards.

Versatility Across Materials

The diverse array of materials used in defence equipment calls for a versatile cleaning approach. EJ Ultrasonics rises to this challenge with ultrasonic cleaners capable of handling a variety of materials, from sensitive electronics and optics to hardier metals and composites. Our technology ensures thorough cleaning without damage, providing a single solution for the maintenance of components.

What Military Defence And Weaponry Equipment Can Be Cleaned With An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What Can?

There are vast numbers of parts from defence and weaponry equipment that can be much more effectively cleaned by a defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaner than by hand. Metals, plastic and glass are all safe to clean this way.

What Can't?

Items that should not be cleaned in a defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaner include parts with non-removable seals as it will damage the seals permanently. Rubber, wooden, delicate or electronically embedded components and any flammable or combustible elements should also not be cleaned via ultrasonic cleaners.

Why Choose EJ Ultrasonics?

Industry Expertise

EJ Ultrasonics is at the forefront of ultrasonic cleaning for defence and weaponry, bringing unmatched expertise to maintenance needs. We tailor our solutions to the exact needs of military operations, ensuring that our clients receive not only products but also the accumulated knowledge of decades in ultrasonic technology for robust defence applications.


At EJ Ultrasonics, innovation is at the core of our operations. We continuously evolve our defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners to surpass the stringent and changing demands of the defence industry. Our commitment to cutting-edge research and development means that our clients always have access to the most advanced cleaning solutions available.


The reliability of our solutions is renowned, designed to support critical operations where failure is not an option. Our defence and weaponry ultrasonic cleaners are built with resilience in mind, ready to deliver exceptional performance and dependability in the most challenging environments, ensuring that military equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

Our Recommended Cleaning Units

EJ Ultrasonics offers a range of suitable solutions for cleaning military weaponry parts, both large and small, as well as aircraft and ship engine parts across the Navy, Airforce and Army. They provide a range of different-sized units to suit whatever requirement you have for cleaning.

EJ Ultrasonics offers a range of suitable solutions for cleaning military weaponry parts, both large and small, as well as aircraft and ship engine parts across the Navy, Airforce and Army. They provide a range of different-sized units to suit whatever requirement you have for cleaning.

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