Ultrasonic Bath Lab

Ultrasonic Bath For Dental Equipment Use

At EJ Ultrasonic, we provide the most effective ultrasonic cleaning systems. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and clean tools gently and effectively.

In the laboratory industry, ultrasonic cleaning tanks such as our bench top tank are effective at thoroughly cleaning the tools used, so no unwanted substances are left remaining.

The laboratory industry is related to the healthcare industry, so ensuring the equipment is sterilised and disinfected completely is vital and here at EJ, we provide the best ultrasonic cleaning device to get the job done efficiently and effectively, whilst cleaning the tools gently.

Our ultrasonic bath lab cleaner uses an aqueous-based solution (water-based) that ensures no harsh chemicals are left on the instruments; this is a much quicker and more reliable way of ensuring a thorough and efficient clean compared to manual.

Reccomended Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions