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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications
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Our technology gives us the edge over other Ultrasonic cleaning systems.
The foundation for our success is one of the most reliable Ultrasonic Generators in the industry.
The clever technology used allows the board to monitor the activity in the tank and adjust its power accordingly to give amazing cleaning results.

Gives less dead spots in the tank
Improves cleaning efficiency
Improves board reliability
Tanks last longer with repeated uniform cleaning
Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit - Industrial Cleaning Equipment
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Tank Assembly

At EJ we use only premium materials to ensure long life. Our tanks are made form 316L Stainless steel and are hand crafted to give you the best and most durable ultrasonic cleaner in the industry.

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks invevitably wear out over time, this is the nature of ultrasonic but with cleaners that have been in the field over 20 years we know we have some of the longest lasting tanks in the industry. This gives you the confidence that you are buying a premium piece of equipment that will satisfy your process needs for a long time.
Diamond force hard chrome plating

Transducers & Bonding

The key component to Ultrasonic cleaning are the transducers. The piezo ceramic component is what sends the sound waves through the solution and their quality and contact with the tank is imperative for good cleaning. As a service centre for all ultrasonic units from many manufacturers we find transducer failure to be a big problem.

EJ ultrasonics uses premium transducers and aerospace standard adhesive bonding material ensures a lifetime of good contact. Our bonding process is so good we offer this service to other manufacturers and our ultrasonic transducers can be found in ultrasonic cleaning systems across the globe with a 0.01 failure rate.
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Our commitment to serve our clients means we develop various systems to suit our client’s needs. Our range includes single benchtop systems, modular multistage systems and automated total clean systems.

Many businesses favour our ultrasonic cleaning equipment from automotive manufacturers to precision engineers and a whole host of other industries. Our machines give you full control to allow for accurate and repeatable cleans the advanced technology of the EJ Ultrasonic Cleaners help to prolong the life of the machines. We are also on hand to provide an excellent after care service and maintenance packages on the machines. Ensuring that your ultrasonic is well looked after