Fracino Coffee Boiler Rescue

When you are given the task of restoring the Rugby World Cup and you're Ultrasonic Cleaner goes down there is only one company you can call...

DescalingClient: Fracino

Multi Award winning cappuccino and expresso machine manufacturer Fracino had a problem with their ultrasonic cleaning unit but they knew who to call
Fracino Coffee Machine

Fracino’s ultrasonic precision cleaning – a vital part of the manufacturing process – entails descaling coffee boilers which the business produces. In fact, production would be dramatically reduced without this process.

With Fracino’s cutting-edge machines exported to over 70 countries worldwide, an ineffective cleaning system would undoubtedly impact on the bottom line.

Fracino’s unit arrived with us on a Friday morning – we assessed the current Ultrasonic cleaning unit and, apart from being in need of repair, it was not fit for purpose. As in several instances we come across, the unit was underpowered (under 5 watts per litre) and the incorrect size to achieve an effective clean. A key factor in ultrasonic cleaning is capacity of machine and ultrasonic power.

Our design team was tasked with creating an Ultrasonic unit and process that produced great results for Fracino. Time was of the essence, we delivered the machine within the deadline and Adrian went through an ultrasonic consultancy to identify his precision cleaning needs and was extremely happy that the machine was delivered within the deadline.

The new machine and process has now increased the effectiveness of Fracino’s ultrasonic cleaning and brought the company cost savings by removing an additional manufacturing process.

EJ Ultrasonics is delighted to have helped Fracino keep its customers’ cups full with quality coffee which tastes great.

The machine is brilliant and much better than our last machine, with results that allow us to remove a brightening process we previously used.

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Adrian Maxwell
MD at Fracino