Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaners

An immersible, otherwise known as submersible ultrasonic cleaners are a stainless steel box encasing a transducer.

They are added to existing ultrasonic tanks to turn them into an ultrasonic bath and provide the capability for ultrasonic technologies.

What Are Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Ultrasonic cleaners that are submersible are one of the most versatile ways of using ultrasonic technology. They are a stainless steel box fitted with an ultrasonic transducer that can transform any ultrasonic tank into an ultrasonic bath. They can be added to existing tanks or can be specially designed for custom ultrasonic tank requirements. They are fully immersible and retrofitted to seamlessly integrate into your setup and ultrasonic tank. Not only this, but any number of submersibles can be fitted and positioned in the tank to allow for the ultimate cleaning flexibility.

They not only allow for ultrasonic cleaning in any suitable tank but can be added to an existing setup to add extra power to spots where needed. They are built to be durable because of their constant submersion in harsh cleaning solutions, and their portable nature allows for their quick movement to other tanks if necessary. Submersible ultrasonic transducers are designed for providing ultrasonic capability to any tank with piezoelectric transducers. At EJ Ultrasonics, we can design submersible ultrasonic transducers to your custom requirements, simply get in touch to learn more.


The free standing design of submersible transducers mean they are easy to store, install, and use in any sized ultrasonic tank.


Their size and function mean a convenient way of ultrasonic cleaning – simply install into the tank with the provided bolting system and remove again when needed. No need for large ultrasonic units.

Limitless Amounts

Any number of submersible ultrasonic transducers can be fitted into a tank meaning no spot is left undisturbed and a deep clean is achieved all round.

Benefits Of Fully Submersible Cleaners

Submersible ultrasonic cleaners boast many benefits that make them a favoured solution for providing ultrasonic cleaning capabilities to tanks. Some of these include:

  • Free-standing design that allows for movement between tanks
  • Ability to be installed to new tanks and existing tanks
  • Any number of submersibles can be added to a single ultrasonic tank for maximum cleaning
  • Manufactured from stainless steel to allow for maximum durability
  • Made with high-efficiency piezoelectric transducers

Ultrasonic Cleaner Industrial Applications

Because of their free-standing design, these ultrasonic cleaners are limitless in their capabilities and applications across different industries. Some of their main uses include:

  • Electronicscleaning electronics can be tricky which is why submersible transducers are the perfect option, ensuring an efficient and safe clean with the freedom of moving the appliance to different sized tanks for every need.
  • Jewellerycleaning jewellery efficiently without damage can be difficult by hand, but a submersible ultrasonic transducer allows for convenient cleaning of jewellery in any setting.
  • Silverware tarnishing is a common problem with silverware, so using a submersible ultrasonic cleaner lets silverware become contaminant-free with minimal effort.
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Why EJ Ultrasonics?

EJ Ultrasonics has been in the ultrasonic cleaning business for over 20 years, and with the acquisition of Langford Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning.

Our submersible ultrasonic transducers are reliable, portable, and convenient ways of providing ultrasonic technology to your cleaning solutions.
As leaders in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, we have been pivotal in the advancement of its technology. We host one of the largest service centres for ultrasonic cleaners including, repair, maintenance, and servicing to excellent standards.

Whether you require a quick solution for providing ultrasonic capabilities, or extra power for your existing set up, our submersible ultrasonic transducers offer maximum cleaning efficiency. We design submersibles to fit all applications and will match our ultrasonic generators to ensure you are getting the right power exactly when you need it - simply get in touch today for more information about submersible ultrasonic cleaners.

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Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

How many submersible ultrasonic transducers will I need in my tank?

The number you need depends on two things: the size of your ultrasonic tank, and the power output you desire. For a smaller ultrasonic tank to clean small parts like jewellery and silverware, you will only require one submersible unit. For larger ultrasonic tanks with frequent dead spots, several may be required to clean at optimal performance levels.

Are they compatible with any size or type of ultrasonic cleaner tank?

These ultrasonic cleaners are favoured for their adaptability. Most ultrasonic transducers will fit a standard ultrasonic tank, however other suitable ultrasonic tanks may require a bespoke unit. At EJ Ultrasonics, we can design and supply custom-sized submersible units for your specific tank dimensions. Contact us for more information.

What is a piezoelectric transducer?

A ‘piezoelectric’ effect is where certain materials change dimensions upon applying an electrical charge to them. In the case of piezoelectric transducers, the piezoelectric element is located inside the transducer. Upon applying electrical energy to the transducer, the element vibrates, which becomes amplified as it is directed through the fluid.

Can I only add a submersible ultrasonic transducer to a new cleaner tank?

Submersible ultrasonic cleaners are able to be retrofitted to both new and existing set ups. Their free-standing design allows them to adjust to any ultrasonic tank setup, meaning you can install one into both a new and existing tank for extra power.

How easy are they to install to my tank?

They are incredibly easy to install as they only require a small attachment or mounting scheme that keeps them upright in the tank – this also allows for them to be easily moved between tanks when needed

Is there a warranty with this product?

All of our units come with a warranty to guarantee both its quality and your peace of mind.