Myth Busting: Facts About Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners are utilised within various sectors as it’s a more effective method to precision clean components. This is because they are safer and more efficient for cleaning as they don’t use harsh chemicals like other alternatives, but instead work by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through a transducer to give components an effective clean. Therefore, they can remove any contamination and residue without damaging the component being cleaned.

There are numerous myths about ultrasonic cleaning and how the machines operate, but some of them are untrue. Here are a few of the myths and the truths behind them.

Myth 1

Delicate items cannot be cleaned in ultrasonic tanks

This is not true. Quite the opposite, ultrasonic cleaners can be used on most materials although we would always advise to do a test first.
Myth 2

It doesn’t matter about the power of the machine

Some people believe that as long as you have an ultrasonic cleaner, the machine can clean any type of contamination, however, this isn’t true. There are many variables that can affect its performance. For example, the amount of watts used for the machine can affect how the ultrasonic energy is distributed throughout the tank. It is important to get the right litre to power ratio.
Myth 3

You need to clean an item in an ultrasonic tank for a long amount of time.

Unlike other cleaning methods, this is not the case when it comes to ultrasonic cleaning. Some items with the right chemistry can be cleaned in minutes so gets rid of labour intensive, rime rich processes from your production.
Myth 4

The frequency of the machine doesn’t affect the components.

Did you know that the frequency in the tank is what produces the bubbles that offers cleaning? Low frequency produces larger waves which helps to make the removal of dirt and other contaminants from stronger items easier. Higher frequency waves are more suitable for cleaning delicate items such as lens and components that are used in complex processes.

How we can help

Ultrasonic cleaners come in various sizes to efficiently and safely clean the components. The different categories are:

  • Industrial heavy-duty type – this machine has heavier compound transducers that generate a high wattage.
  • Small table top cleaners – these generators are better and are efficient in cleaning lab glass and small objects.

We have a range of ultrasonic cleaning machines that can be used to clean all different types of components. From small benchtop cleaning units to large industrial units as well as multi-stage cleaners, all our machines are extremely long lasting since they are made from fabricated 316L stainless steel.

Want to purchase an ultrasonic cleaning unit?

We have over 40 years’ experience, and over the years, we have built a great culture of service, teamwork and innovation. Our cleaning systems are like no other – they are environmentally friendly, efficient and very effective for cleaning a wide range of components. Our machines are safe and are a very effective alternative to using harsh chemicals which could damage your equipment.

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