How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are used to precision clean various components across different industries, from dental and medical to automotive. They are a safer and more effective method of cleaning instruments than other harsh chemicals, as they work by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through a transducer to give components an intense clean. This means they can remove contamination and residue without causing damage to the product being cleaned.

The ultrasonic cleaners can be used within various sectors, spanning from aerospace to the medical field, so it’s important to understand how they should be used to maximise their effectiveness. Below, we have highlighted the steps to take when using the ultrasonic cleaner.

Step 1

Fill the tank

The first step is to fill the ultrasonic cleaner tank with the chosen cleaning solution and make sure that you don’t exceed the maximum liquid capacity.
Step 2

Turn on the cleaner

Next, turn on the cleaner and let it run without any of the components you want to be sterilised for 5-10 minutes, so that the solution gets mixed well.
Step 3

Put your items in the tank

Place your components into the tank and remember not to put too many items in at once. For example, too many sharp components and delicate items such as jewellery in the tank may rub and scratch each other.
Step 4

Run the device

Let the device run for as long as required, until your components are properly cleaned. This can vary from 1 minute to an hour.
Step 5

Rinse off your components

After your instruments have been cleaned, gently rinse them with water to get rid of excess detergent and dry them with a soft cloth.

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