How Energy Efficient are Ultrasonic Cleaners?

The energy efficiency of ultrasonic cleaners

Cleaning methods and their energy efficiency have long been considered by businesses and individuals, with growing numbers becoming increasingly invested in their energy efficiency and consumption. As such, cleaning methods have come under consideration for their reliability, efficiency, and their energy efficiency.

Since its inception over 50 years ago, ultrasonic cleaning technology has proven to be an environmentally friendly and superior cleaning option. However, it is only in recent years that businesses and people alike have started to realise how beneficial ultrasonic cleaners are. For more information on how ultrasonic cleaners work, read our handy blog.

Standard industrial cleaning methods typically rely on heavy-duty chemicals to perform an effective clean, which results in excess waste, harmful chemicals being used, and often an inefficient clean when compared to ultrasonic cleaning machines.


Standard cleaning methods typically:

  • Use a large amount of energy in the form of heat and electricity.
  • Produce a large waste stream.
  • Rely on harsh chemicals that are toxic and harmful to humans, the environment, and animals.
  • Release evaporated toxins into the air, becoming harmful to breathe in.
  • Provide inefficient cleaning, requiring multiple cycles and therefore more waste.
  • Requires a lot of manpower and time.



How are ultrasonic cleaners energy efficient?


1. Environmentally-friendly solutions

Firstly, ultrasonic cleaners use environmentally friendly detergents which are non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable and often phosphate free. Making them the perfect cleaning method for those looking to minimise their environmental impact, especially large businesses that produce masses of cleaning waste. Not only this, but cleaning detergents are safer for the environment and the end user. A win-win.


2. Uses less energy to run

In addition, ultrasonic cleaners are extremely energy efficient as they rely only on electricity rather than powerful industrial power pumps and sometimes even gas generators. In addition, ultrasonic cleaners provide a much faster cleaning which results in less energy and water being used. As well as saving time and money for businesses.


3. Limited water usage

As mentioned above, water consumption is a huge contributing factor when deciding on an effective cleaning method. Cleaning methods such as pressure washing can use gallons of water to clean just one single part, using up excess energy and water. Thus, costing more money too. An ultrasonic cleaner only requires a static amount of water for the whole cleaning process and the water in the tank can be reused several times.



The environmental benefits of ultrasonic cleaners

With growing concerns for the environmental impacts that our cleaning methods have, newer cleaning solutions such as ultrasonic cleaners are presenting more environmentally friendly methods of cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners were invented in 1952 and have come a long way since then. In recent years, ultrasonic cleaning technology is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly detergents
  • No need for toxic chemicals
  • Water can be reused for several cycles
  • Reduced water and energy consumption
  • Multi-industry uses and various machines available
  • Unrivaled cleaning ability


There are a variety of ultrasonic cleaners available that can be used across a breadth of industries, meaning that all kinds of businesses can benefit from using an ultrasonic cleaner and its energy efficiency. You can read more about the different types of machines and their uses here.

The clean provided by an ultrasonic cleaner is unparalleled. Ultrasonic cleaners provide an incredibly effective clean that can reach into all the crevices of even the most intricate items, cleaning them much more efficiently than any other method – in a fraction of the time, too. Ultrasonic cleaners are one of the most advanced cleaning methods, reducing manpower, time, water and energy consumption, and the need for harsh chemicals. All of these contribute to an effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean a huge variety of items. Thus saving you time, money, and energy costs.

Investing in an ultrasonic cleaner, now more than ever, is a great idea to help keep your energy costs down whilst improving efficiency. Get in touch to discuss how EJ Ultrasonics can help turn your business green.