Why Has My Ultrasonic Cleaner Stopped Working?

There are various reasons why your ultrasonic cleaner has stopped working, or at least isn’t working as effectively as it should. If you haven’t taken good care of your machine with regular services or maintenance, then it is going to break down; it’s as simple as that. Signs that your machine isn’t working properly could be any, or several, of the following:

  • A drop in ultrasonic power
  • Loss of cleaning efficiency
  • Increased chemical consumption
  • Poor drainage
  • Heating issues
  • Noisy operation
  • Leakage


How to check if your ultrasonic machine is working

There are various tests that you can do to check whether your machine is working properly or not.

  1. Check it’s plugged in properly and turn it on. If there’s no LED light and no visible ‘sonic’ waves in the tank, it is likely that the fuse is burned out.
  2. If the LED comes on, but no ultrasonic waves are visible in the tank, that points to a possible burned-out transducer or generator fault.
  3. If there are ‘sonic’ waves in the tank, try putting a piece of aluminium foil into the tank, although don’t let it touch the bottom of the tank. Run the machine for a short period of time, approximately 1-5 minutes. When you retrieve the foil, if the machine is functioning normally the foil will have dents and small 1 – 4 mm holes in it. If the holes and dents are non-uniform in size and area, then that will point to a malfunction that needs adjustment.

This test needs to be repeated a few times as different temperatures and solutions may produce varied results. So, if your machine isn’t functioning properly, it is advisable to do a few tests to check for an average result. When you’ve done the tests, and are sure that your machine isn’t working then it’s time to call an expert.

At EJ Ultrasonics, we are experts at repairing broken ultrasonic machines and pride ourselves on a rapid response time for repairs – get in touch today to talk about any repair needs you may have.


How to prevent your ultrasonic cleaner from breaking down

Simple maintenance and service can prevent your machine from breaking down at all. You can read more maintenance tips in our blog, but a few tips are listed below.


Maintain your ultrasonic cleaner

Some of the things you would be advised to do regularly are:

  • Always use the right solutions, some are too acidic and harsh, and also make sure you use the right volume. Take care when filling the tank and avoid splashing on other parts of the machine.
  • Use trays to suspend the items being cleaned, so they don’t touch the bottom of the tank which would cause transducer damage
  • Check for the right temperature and times of cleaning and that what you’re trying to clean is compatible with ultrasonic cleaning in the first place.
  • Make sure the tank doesn’t run dry, through the water draining or evaporating, as the transducers will overheat. Similarly, don’t add cold water to hot in the tank, as it will cause a thermal shock to the transducers causing them to break.
  • Don’t use the machine to clean very heavily soiled items, pre-clean to get the worst off first.
  • Always empty the tank and drain, rinse and dry after use – this will prevent the build-up of mineral deposits and contaminants that can build up and break the machine or at least reduce its efficacy.


Ultrasonic cleaner servicing

Regular ultrasonic cleaner servicing is vital to the longevity of your ultrasonic cleaner. Servicing will remove contaminants that build up within the machine. It will also check for wear and tear of parts that need repair or replacement before they break down. Overall servicing helps to improve the efficiency of the machine, ensuring it keeps working at its best.

The ideal way to ensure your machine is regularly serviced and stays in tip-top shape is to take out a service plan with EJ Ultrasonics. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our team of specialists are able to support you with all your servicing needs and make sure that your machine stays performing perfectly. This will prevent it from breaking down and forcing your business into costly downtime.

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