The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaners in The Automotive Industry

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners have become a favourite for cleaning within the automotive industry. Items that wouldn’t usually be able to be cleaned are now easily transformed due to the capabilities of ultrasonic cleaners. The superior cleaning power is an effective tool that can save time and labour, transforming industries in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Here at EJ Ultrasonics, we have an extensive range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners that are sure to transform your organisation’s productivity.

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What is An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are essentially large cleaning baths, usually made from stainless steel. Most commonly used in factories, workshops and garages, this piece of equipment is incredibly robust and is known to clean even the most stubborn contaminants. In an industrial setting, these machines can clean many items and although they are used in heavy-duty instances, with correct maintenance, industrial ultrasonic cleaners can offer a long lifespan.

Effectively removing contaminants such as dirt, oil and carbon, ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for use in machined parts, manufacturing and aerospace industries. Offering a range of cleaning abilities and a variety of sizes, this type of cleaner is a cut above traditional cleaning methods previously used in these industries.

How Do Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Work?

When it comes to ultrasonic cleaners, they use a simple technology but with great impact. The process works by using high-frequency sound waves transmitted through the liquid, the high-frequency waves agitate the water solution which causes cavitation of solution molecules. Items that need to be cleaned are usually placed into the ultrasonic bath or tank and then due to the quick movement, bubbles travel and cause the removal of any dirt or contaminants.

Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Cleaners in The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been using industrial ultrasonic cleaners to their advantage for some time, there are many benefits to this method of cleaning car parts but here are just five reasons why your automotive company should invest in an ultrasonic parts washer.

Increased Staff Productivity:

The best industrial ultrasonic cleaner can increase staff productivity significantly as the machine won’t need to take breaks or get distracted by other employees. Efficiency is a crucial part of any cleaning process, especially when it comes to automotive parts. A faster way to achieve a higher level of cleaning with a minimal amount of downtime, most ultrasonic parts washers operate on a timer, meaning you can set the machine and come back when it’s finished. Reducing the number of man hours needed, whilst speeding up the cleaning process and increasing staff productivity.

Effective Cleaning Process:

The most popular reason for the purchase of industrial ultrasonic cleaners is their superior level of cleaning capabilities. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic parts washers don’t rely on manual scrubbing. The high-frequency sound waves create bubbles known as cavitations that implode on the items within the cleaning bath or tank, this loosens and removes even the most stubborn dirt from hidden areas and intricate crevices, making the industrial ultrasonic cleaner a firm favourite for cleaning within the automotive industry.

Control Over the Cleaning Process:

Most ultrasonic cleaners are easily controlled from a digital panel, allowing for a range of functions such as control over the temperature, time, ultrasonic intensity and many more. Not only are these machines well equipped to provide a high level of cleanliness, but industrial ultrasonic cleaners are made for optimum safety. Featuring automatic shutoffs, emergency stops and door interlocks to ensure user safety, providing a completely controlled cleaning process.

Environmentally Friendly:

With ever-growing concerns for the planet and how we use energy, industries are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday practices, including cleaning processes. Ultrasonic parts washers are taking centre stage when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning alternatives. Traditional methods of cleaning tend to use harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, whereas industrial ultrasonic cleaners rely on water-based solutions or biodegradable detergents. The overall process of ultrasonic cleaning produces significantly less waste in comparison to traditional cleaning methods, making it a more sustainable cleaning choice.

Equipment Longevity:

Due to their high quality and enhanced cleanliness, ultrasonic parts washers can contribute to the longevity of equipment. The initial removal of built-up dirt, grease and contaminants and the continued cleanliness of components can significantly reduce the wear and tear on equipment. With reduced wear and tear, there is a reduced need for replacement parts and your equipment becomes more reliable which decreases expenses over time and continues an efficient operation.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Before purchasing an industrial ultrasonic cleaner there are many elements to take into consideration, especially if you are looking to purchase a cleaner for the automotive industry.

– Tank size and capacity – The capacity and size of the tank is important, especially when cleaning larger objects. It is crucial to ensure that the tank is large enough to accommodate the largest parts comfortably.

– Frequency and power output – Most industrial ultrasonic cleaners work at different frequencies with higher frequencies effective at removing fine dirt particles and lower frequencies are better for heavy-duty cleaning.

– Compatibility of materials – Depending on the type of materials you are looking to clean it will vary the type of ultrasonic parts washer you may need. Ensure that the ultrasonic cleaner you purchase is suitable for the materials you will be cleaning.

– Maintenance – To have the best industrial ultrasonic cleaner, it will require maintenance. Determining a model that is easy to maintain will have a longer lifespan due to regular maintenance being easily completed.

Of course, there a more factors to consider before purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner and that is why we are here to help at EJ Ultrasonics and can offer many services to help reduce the stress of trying to find the right equipment for your business.

Choosing an Ultrasonic Parts Washer with EJ Ultrasonics

If you’re finding the process of choosing an industrial ultrasonic cleaner for the automotive industry difficult, then let us help you here at EJ Ultrasonics with a variety of services that will help you along the way to choosing your ultrasonic cleaner. We can help you weigh up your options and work out the kind of items you are looking to clean and provide your organisation with an ultrasonic solution. Discover our vast range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners online, no matter the industry we will have the right ultrasonic parts washer for you. Contact us by calling us on 01527831678 or email us at to find out more about ultrasonic cleaning.