Top 10 Tips For Choosing The Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners have become an increasingly popular choice when it comes to cleaning items effectively and efficiently. Primarily used in industrial, automotive and commercial industries for cleaning large-scale machines, the ultrasonic cleaner can also be used for cleaning items on a smaller scale such as jewellery. If you’re looking for an Industrial ultrasonic cleaner of your own, here at EJ Ultrasonics we know it can be an overwhelming process and that is why we have created this guide with our top 10 tips to consider when selecting the right ultrasonic cleaner for you and your business.

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Our Top 10 Tips


1. Understanding Ultrasonic Cleaning

A machine that uses high-frequency and high-intensity sound waves in a liquid that helps to remove foreign contaminants from surfaces that are submerged in ultrasonically activated liquid. Used in a variety of industries, ultrasonic cleaners are useful for cleaning complex items that may have cracks or blind holes that have been tightly contaminated. The most thorough cleaning process within science, ultrasonic cleaning is efficient, and items can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. Quite simple devices, industrial ultrasonic cleaners are less likely to break down and have minimal costs when it comes to running the machines.

2. Identify Your Cleaning Needs

Before purchasing an industrial ultrasonic cleaner, you need to determine what your cleaning needs are. Think about the items you are going to be cleaning, are they large or intricate items? What kind of materials are your items made from, depending on the material, the type of ultrasonic cleaner you will need may vary. What is the level of dirt or contaminants that are present on the items, these elements will also alter the specifications of the ultrasonic cleaner you may need. This will vary from industry to industry, for instance, an automotive ultrasonic cleaner will differ from that of one needed for manufacturing.

3. Know The Tanks Size And Capacity

Knowing the size and capacity of the ultrasonic cleaner is crucial when selecting the right equipment for cleaning specific items. The size of the cleaner should match or exceed the dimensions of the item being cleaned to ensure effective and efficient cleaning. For instance, the industrial ultrasonic cleaner will be better for cleaning larger items whereas a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner would be ideal for cleaning items as small as jewellery.

4. Frequency And Power

Within ultrasonic cleaning, many frequencies are used, each of which has its own uses. Before purchasing a cleaner, you must ensure the machine can emit the correct frequency needed. The standard frequency for most ultrasonic cleaners is 40 kHz, this frequency is commonly used for most materials and removes most contaminants. The most powerful frequency is 25 kHz which tends to be used in industrial ultrasonic cleaning. When it comes to power, the higher the outage the higher the number of bubbles produced which results in a better clean.

5. Adjustable Settings And Controls

All of our ultrasonic cleaners here at EJ Ultrasonics can adjust the settings easily and are equipped with user-friendly controls to make using your machine simple. With over 40 years of experience within the ultrasonic cleaning industry, we can help you understand how to use your machine throughout the ordering process. We want to make purchasing the right industrial ultrasonic cleaner easier than ever and completely stress-free for our customers.

6. Build Quality

The overall quality of the ultrasonic cleaner will always have a significant impact on its durability and longevity, and these are both areas to consider when finding the right one. The ultrasonic transducers are critical components of the cleaning process and the process can be hindered if the transducer is not correctly bonded, this is more likely to occur in lower-quality ultrasonic cleaners. Here at EJ Ultrasonics, we create all our ultrasonic cleaners to the highest standard in-house and even offer transducer bonding service aftercare. If you want help with enhancing your product quality with our ultrasonic cleaners, we have a selection of OEM services for ultrasonic cleaner suppliers.

7. Safety Features

It is usually best to look for an ultrasonic cleaner that is equipped with a timer. Many machines will automatically shut down at the end of a cleaning cycle and others will shut down after so many hours of being on. If your machine doesn’t have a timer, you must make sure your machine is shut down correctly, if not your equipment is more likely to burn out or damage parts left in the tank due to the cleaning solution evaporating.

8. Additional Features And Accessories

Many of our industrial ultrasonic cleaners have additional features and accessories to make cleaning quick and easy. Some of our ultrasonic cleaners are automated, using a PLC-controlled system that uses an advanced recognition sensor to move baskets safely. We also provide multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners that come with multiple tanks that allow for quick and efficient transfer of parts between the cleaning stages. There is also the addition of submersible ultrasonic cleaners that can be added to existing tanks or can be designed especially for custom tanks. Ultrasonic cleaning generators are also an important appliance in sonic cleaning machines, so it is worth thinking about any additional features you may need.

9. Do Your Research And Read Reviews

Obviously, one of the most important things to do before purchasing an industrial ultrasonic cleaner is to do your research and look at reviews, this will help in your search for the right cleaner for you and your business. On our website, you can find plenty of information about the different types of ultrasonic cleaners and use our knowledge centre section to get to understand our products better. There is also a selection of case studies for you to read through regarding different industries using ultrasonic cleaners or if you would rather, you can contact us with any questions or enquiries you may have.

10. Budget Considerations

Another important element to think about before going ahead is the budget. It is important to consider your budget and find the right balance with the ultrasonic cleaner features to suit your needs without going over budget. This is something to consider as you need to ensure you are receiving the right specifications for the right value. If you are after an aerospace ultrasonic cleaner, you may not need some of the additional features that are needed in an ultrasonic cleaner for machine parts.


In Conclusion: Choosing The Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

When it comes to choosing the best ultrasonic cleaner many important elements need to be considered. It is crucial you understand ultrasonic cleaning as well as your cleaning needs. Once you have determined this you will be able to determine your tank size, frequency and power. You will also need to decide on the additional features and accessories you may need to achieve the clean that is right for your business. It is always important to do your research before purchasing to find the right industrial ultrasonic cleaner whilst taking into consideration the safety features, you’ll need and to make sure it all fits into your budget. Here at EJ Ultrasonics, we are here to help you find the right ultrasonic cleaner with a fantastic selection for you to choose from, we will help with all your cleaning needs no matter your industry.

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