Ultrasonic Cleaners for Tattoo Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaners For Tattoo Equipment And Machinery

Cleanliness and sanitisation are high priorities for tools and equipment in tattoo parlours, with stringent regulations for health and safety. So, cleanliness and sanitisation are essential, and with their ability to reach the most unreachable sections of tools, ultrasonic cleaners can ensure compliance with these legalities.

The ultrasonic cleaning procedure is far more successful than traditional approaches, removing dirt and bacteria that are difficult to remove by hand and guaranteeing equipment is entirely clean. Ultrasonic cleaners are gentler on equipment, minimising the chance of damage and making them more environmentally friendly without the need for harsh chemicals.

EJ Ultrasonics offers them in a variety of sizes and models to meet the requirements of the equipment needing to be cleaned.

Why Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner For Tattoo Equipment And Machinery

Tattoo artists use equipment that must be thoroughly cleaned of blood or bacteria to prevent contamination and infection of staff and customers.

A precision clean is possible with an ultrasonic cleaner, as the cavitation process can reach into the smallest crevices and blind holes in instruments without destroying equipment or corroding surfaces. Requiring only a tiny volume of cleaning solution in the water (5% – 95%) compared to the volume of sterilising fluids required for the same operation to be performed by hand, the ultrasonic is much more environmentally friendly.

Another advantage is that the cleaner works in minutes, rather than the time taken to clean individual instruments or tools by hand.

What Tattoo Equipment Can And Can’t Be Cleaned In An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What Can?

Pieces of reusable tattoo equipment can be cleaned more effectively using an ultrasonic cleaner than by hand. In a matter of minutes, any item composed of metal, plastic or glass can be entirely sterile and ready for reuse.

What Can't?

Parts with non-removable seals should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner as they will be irreversibly damaged. Ultrasonic cleaners also should not be used to clean items made of rubber, wood, sensitive or electronically embedded components, flammable or combustible parts, or chromium-plated instruments.

Our Recommended Cleaning Units

EJ Ultrasonic offers a variety of cleaning units of different sizes and capacities for cleaning tattoo equipment. As most reusable tattoo equipment is small in size, one of our benchtop range will be the most economical and efficient machines.
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