Optical Ultrasonic Cleaner Tanks

Optical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Here at EJ Ultrasonic, our optical ultrasonic cleaners guarantee high-quality results, throughout the process ensuring the glasses are cleaned thoroughly and all dirt etc, is cleaned.

In the optics industry, sanitation needs to be a top priority for the full process. Common soils like grinding coolant, fingerprints, dust and more, can find their way onto a lens during the manufacturing process.

Therefore, an extremely thorough procedure of cleaning needs to be implemented during the production process, and from time to time with regular use, removes these types of soils both quickly and thoroughly. Ultrasonic cleaning, when used in combination with the proper cleaning concentrate, is a great way to achieve this.

For this reason, invest in an optical ultrasonic cleaner to make sure the glasses are cleaned thoroughly.

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Automating Specsavers’ Operations
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Automating Specsavers’ Operations