Automated Ultrasonic Cleaners

An automated ultrasonic cleaner gives you the ultimate precision cleaning performance.

They are designed to run at a very low cost and with little maintenance and allow for a smooth and continuous cleaning process. Ultrasonic technology uses soundwaves that cause cavitation – this powerful cleaning action cleans complex structures and hard-to-reach areas, making automated ultrasonic cleaners ideal for tackling the toughest challenges and are often used in medical cleaning applications.

What Are Automated Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Automated ultrasonic cleaners are exactly that – automated. They work by using a PLC controlled overhead basket transfer system that uses an advanced recognition sensor to move baskets safely from one stage to the next. They utilise a separate tank for each of the cleaning stages to allow for a smooth transition of components in the automated ultrasonic cleaner. The stages include a washing, rinsing, and drying stage, but can be fully customised with more or less to suit your needs.

As well as this, the tank lids are fitted with an automatic sliding function as a means of easing basket loading. This ultrasonic machine range includes auto load/unload stations that efficiently and smoothly load components into the machine. The whole process is continuous, which reduces labour cost whilst increasing levels of output.

Continuous Cleaning

The automated system of this ultrasonic machine means continuous cleaning to a pristine level


Being automated, the need for human interaction is minimal meaning a smooth and cost-effective operating system


The level of output means productivity is at an all-time high and downtime of parts is minimised, maximising efficiency

Fully Automated Cleaner Benefits

Our automated ultrasonic cleaner designs can accommodate a variety of items in large quantities, from small components to large single components.

Some of the many benefits they boast are:

  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • A large internal capacity for efficient cleaning
  • Runs at low costs with little maintenance
  • Automated and continuous cleaning process
  • Cleans up to 10 baskets of components per hour

Industrial Applications Of Automated Ultrasonic Cleaners

As with all of our products, automated ultrasonic cleaners have a vital yet varying role in a lot of industrial applications, such as:

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Why Choose EJ Ultrasonics?

EJ Ultrasonics has been in the ultrasonic cleaning business for over 20 years, and with the acquisition of Langford Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning.

Our benchtop ultrasonic cleaners are reliable, compact, and environmentally friendly. As leaders in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, we have been pivotal in the advancement of its technology. We host one of the largest service centres for ultrasonic cleaners including, repair, maintenance, and servicing to excellent standards.

Whether you require deep but delicate cleaning of jewellery, small parts, or surgical instruments, EJ Ultrasonics’ benchtop ultrasonic cleaners provide an efficient and advanced clean with incredible quality. We have a range of solutions that can be tailored to your custom requirements, so get in touch today for more information about our benchtop ultrasonic cleaners.

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Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

What is the difference between an automated and manual cleaner system?

Manual cleaner systems require human input to move the baskets from stage to stage. Automated systems do not require assistance and do this automatically for convenience.

How does an automated ultrasonic cleaning system work?

They work by using a PLC-controlled overhead basket transfer system that uses sensors to recognise where your components are in the cleaning process, smoothly moving them along to the next stage.

What can I put in an automated ultrasonic cleaning system?

Automated ultrasonic cleaners are versatile in their uses, but common parts that are cleaned include machined parts, delicate electronics, and surgical instruments.

What solutions should you use in an automated ultrasonic cleaner?

Common solutions are acidic, alkaline, and neutral, but which solution you use depends on what you are cleaning as they have different properties. However, never use Isopropyl Alcohol as it can give off dangerous vapors when heated.

How often should I change the solution in my tank?

If there is a noticeable difference in cleaning results, or when the solution is visibly unclean, then you should change the cleaning solution. It does not need to be changed after every use. Read more about how to use and maintain your ultrasonic machine here and find out more about the repair and servicing options we offer.

Is there a warranty for this machine?

All of our units come with a warranty to guarantee both its quality and your peace of mind. Alternatively, look at hiring one of our units.