Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit


The automatic ultrasonic cleaner model offers a lightweight and compact ultrasonic cleaner unit, with an internal capacity of 1.5 litres and a weight of around 1kg. The AT2 EJ Bench Top ultrasonic cleaning unit has compact internal dimensions of 150mm x 135mm x 100mm. The AT2 gives 50W of Ultrasonic power and has a fixed temperature of 65 degrees using a digital controller, with an operating frequency of 40khz and an operating voltage of 220/240v.

These automated ultrasonic cleaners are often used for surgical and medical cleaning applications and are sturdy and reliable machines that will help you with all your ultrasonic cleaning needs.

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An automated ultrasonic cleaner is exactly that, automated. Using a PLC-controlled system that uses an advanced recognition sensor to move baskets safely between stages, this model utilises separate tanks for each cleaning stage; washing, rinsing and drying, but are also able to be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

Precision Cleaning With The Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Providing precision for an extensive range of cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners are a powerful cleaning tool that can clean complex and hard-to-reach structures. Using high-frequency sound waves to create cavitation bubbles with a cleaning fluid, creates an action that is powerful enough to remove dirt and debris.

Significantly popular in industrial use for cleaning larger parts, the automated ultrasonic cleaner provides industries with an unmatched quality of cleaning that can be built specifically for your organisation’s needs, making automated ultrasonic cleaners the best in the industry.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

One of the most advanced cleaning technologies, ultrasonic cleaners reduce manpower, water, time and energy consumption making it a great environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Reduced Chemical Usage

For an efficient cleaning cycle, ultrasonic cleaning frequently uses less solvent or detergent, negating the need for any harsh chemicals.

Reusable Solutions

The cleaning solutions used in ultrasonic cleaning can be filtered and reused in certain applications.

Reduced Physical Waste

The use of throwaway products like pads, brushes, and towels is reduced when ultrasonic cleaning is employed.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Compared to conventional mechanical cleaning techniques, an ultrasonic cleaner that is properly maintained and operated will be far quieter.

Waste Segregation

In contrast to conventional techniques, ultrasonic cleaners separate waste into its constituent parts, saving you money on disposal fees and preventing the creation of environmentally hazardous sludge.

Suitable Industries For Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines

Product Information

Category Specification
Capacity 5 Litres
Internal Dimension 300mm x 150mm x 150mm
Weight 1 kg
Electrical Specification
Operating Voltage 220/240V
Ultrasonic Power 100W
Operating Frequency 40kHz
Ultrasonic Time Selection 0 to 60 mins
Temperature 0°C to 80°C



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