What is Ultrasonic Cleaning and What Are the Benefits?

Ultrasonic cleaners work by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through a transducer to give components an intense but non-invasive clean. Instead of using harsh chemicals, our machines use either an aqueous (water-based) solution or a special chemical solution that doesn’t damage the items being cleaned. Learn more here about what solutions can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner.


What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Firstly, what is an ultrasonic cleaner, you may be thinking? Well, Ultrasonic cleaners are used to remove unwanted residue and harmful contaminants from equipment. More and more industries have begun to adopt this innovative technology, including medical, automotive, aerospace, dental, and more.

Advances in technology have made professional ultrasonic cleaners safe, more efficient, and more affordable in recent years. Ultrasonic cleaners have a plethora of advantages when compared to hand cleaning, machine washing, and other cleaning methods.

This blog will explain the process of ultrasonic cleaning, and why consulting a professional ultrasonic cleaner such as EJ Ultrasonics would be beneficial for a variety of users.

So, what are the benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner for the user, the industries they are used in, and the planet itself?


What are the benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner?


1. Environmentally friendly

In many industries, companies traditionally used harsh cleaning chemicals for components that required precision cleaning. Some of these substances have been banned due to their harmful nature to the users and the environment. Some heavy chemical cleaners used in the past contained harmful compounds, such as esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons, that polluted groundwater supplies.

The vapours from these chemicals were also highly toxic and required workers to wear protective masks to insulate them from dangerous fumes. Ultrasonic cleaning removes the need to use harmful chemicals. Ultrasonic cleaners use water-soluble detergents rather than harsh chemicals to break down residue – reducing the environmental impact of industrial ultrasonic cleaning on water supplies. However, not all solutions will work on every single component that needs cleaning – it is important to know which product is right for your business.


2. Safe to use

Since ultrasonic cleaning doesn’t use harsh chemicals, it is a much safer way for people to precision clean components. In most cases, a component can be left in the tank until cleaning is completed while the operator can get on with other jobs.

Not only does an ultrasonic cleaner prevent workers from inhaling harmful chemical fumes, but it also assists workers by allowing them to clean sharp instruments that may contain biological contaminants.

In previous years, workers would hand clean medical instruments such as scalpels and drill bits, which could potentially puncture their skin. With an ultrasonic cleaner, the worker only needs to simply place the instrument in the tank, add water and detergent, and turn on the machine.


3. Cleans gently

Ultrasonic cleaners are crucial in cleaning complex, delicate, or very small components. Additionally, they achieve cleaning in places where it would be impossible to clean manually. With technology and manufacturing calling for more complex and intrinsic parts, ultrasonic cleaning is a perfect choice for keeping them clean.

For more delicate items, such as jewellery or precious instruments, hand-cleaning or using harsh chemical cleaners could actually damage the piece. These items require both a thorough cleaning and a delicate process, which ultrasonic cleaning provides.

The effect produced by the best ultrasonic cleaners, known as cavitation, allows the mixture of water and detergent to permeate the smallest of crevices and remove unwanted residue, all whilst keeping your prized possessions intact.


4. Flexibility for a range of applications

There are a range of different industries that ultrasonic cleaners can be very beneficial for. These include the cleaning of car parts, jewellery, automotive tools and medical devices, which means it is an extremely flexible method of cleaning. Our ultrasonic cleaners also come in a variety of sizes, from small benchtop 5-litre cleaning units to multi-stage cleaners.

Users of ultrasonic cleaners range from national enforcement agencies to casual home users. Home users can clean their jewellery and collectable coins as a means of removing dust, grime, and skin oils. Automotive shops clean their parts and tools with an ultrasonic cleaner to take away used lubricants, metal burrs and other residues that can keep a car from working at its best.

Other areas of application include the aerospace industry, weapons manufacture, and even dentistry.


5. Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of ultrasonic cleaners is that they are extremely efficient machines, and only require a few resources compared to alternative methods. This includes a reduction in how much water is needed, the energy required, the labour used as well as the time taken to effectively clean the components. Cleaning cycles can be completed in just ten minutes, which will greatly increase productivity for many businesses.

Ultrasonic cleaners are highly efficient, much more so than hand cleaning or other conventional machine-based methods. The ultrasonic cleaner lowers the use of three key resources: water, electricity, and time. Not only this, but they also frequently produce cleaner and better results.


Want to purchase an ultrasonic cleaning unit?

We have over 40 years of experience, and over the years we have built a great culture of service, teamwork, and innovation. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are like no other – they are environmentally friendly, efficient, and very effective for cleaning a wide range of components. Our machines are safe and are a very valuable alternative to using harsh chemicals which can damage your equipment and pose a health risk to your employees.

There is a huge demand for professional ultrasonic cleaners, and with good reason. Choosing EJ Ultrasonics allows you to benefit from an increased level of efficiency and worker safety, with a gentle cleaning solution for highly intricate and treasured items, and industrial components.

Ultrasonic cleaners have a range of applications and can clean almost anything you can think of.

Contact us today, so we can provide you with a life-changing machine that will make the cleaning process of your business’s components more efficient.

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