Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Machines

Multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners provide high levels of cleaning precision in every setting.

Their multiple tanks can be configured to support several stages of cleaning including pre-wash, wash, and dry, with minimal input from the user.

What Are Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners?

A multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner has multiple tanks that allow for the quick and efficient transfer of parts between stages without the need for separate machines. They can be configured to any process, making them easily adaptable for the cleaning of any component. There are many different configurations possible with multi-stage ultrasonic parts washer, including cold or hot rinses, drying, and even a pre-wash. Most ultrasonic cleaning systems, however, are built with a simple wash and rinse stage as standard. These machines are effortless in their cleaning of parts thanks to the tank’s individual functions that suit your needs. At EJ Ultrasonics, any combination of tanks is possible, simply take a look at our range of ultrasonic cleaners for sale and get in touch to learn more.

A key feature of multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners is the option to fully automate the system. Parts can be moved between cleaning stages automatically with minimal input from the user, ensuring a smooth and time-saving operation. If preferred, these ultrasonic parts washer units can be manually configured, too, allowing for inspection and personal input throughout. These ultrasonic parts cleaner machines are compatible in industrial settings because of their stainless steel manufacturing, meaning they are dependable and durable despite their heavy-duty uses. Not only this, but their sweep function means the frequencies are evenly regulated to not only allow for a better clean but ensuring the longevity of the ultrasonic transducers in the multi-stage sonic cleaning machine.


These ultrasonic cleaners boast the ability to fully customise their configurations to allow for every type of tank set up, meaning the functions are fully adjustable depending on your needs.

Sweep Function

Thanks to their sweep function, multi-stage cleaners can easily regulate frequency and waves to reduce dead spots in the tank, allowing for an even and deep clean of parts.


Made from stainless steel, multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners are durable for long-term and heavy-duty use in any setting.

Benefits Of Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners boast many benefits that make them a popular machine in a variety of settings. Some of these include:

  • Fully automated or manual options for operation
  • A durable tank made from stainless steel
  • Customisable processes thanks to individual tank functions
  • Regulated power input for better cleans
  • A long lifecycle despite its heavy-duty uses

Industrial Applications of Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners

Because of their customisable design, multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners are suited for a number of industrial applications. They are limitless in their uses, but some of them include:

  • Manufacturingcleaning machined parts is effortless with the ability to pre-wash, clean, and dry with one multi-stage sonic cleaning machine. We also provide OEM Services.
  • Aerospacemaintaining aerospace parts is integral to their use, so a multi-stage ultrasonic parts washer allows for cleaning, drying, and dipping parts in protective coating effortlessly.
  • Medicalsurgical instruments need to be cleaned to a pristine level, so the multiple stages of these ultrasonic cleaners ensure hygienic cleaning and drying without the need for several ultrasonic parts cleaner machines.
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Why Choose EJ Ultrasonics For Your Ultrasonic Parts Washer?

EJ Ultrasonics has been in the ultrasonic cleaning business for over 20 years, and with the acquisition of Langford Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning.

Our multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners are durable, customisable, and space-saving machines. As leaders in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, we have been pivotal in the advancement of its technology. We host one of the largest service centres for ultrasonic parts cleaner units including, repair, maintenance, and servicing to excellent standards.

Whether you require a fully automated system or a manual operation with several stages, EJ Ultrasonics’ multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners offer a pristine level of cleaning with a fully customisable combination of tanks and functions. We provide single modular tanks to add to your current setup or pre-configured machines ready to use - get in touch today for more information about multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners.

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Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

What are the main stages in the operation process?

Because they are fully customisable, the ‘main’ stages in multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners are up to you and your desired configuration. However, a popular set up is a with a 3 stage unit that offers a pre-wash, wash, and drying stage.

Can I configure the cleaner stages and units to my needs?

These ultrasonic parts washer machines are brilliant in their capability to transform depending on the parts you need to clean or dry. We provide single modular units to add to your current system if a new function is desired, or 3 stage units that offer a wash, rinse, and drying stage.

Is there an option to fully automate the multi-stage cleaning system?

Multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners can either be fully automated or manually operated. When fully automated, they offer visual and audible alarms to alert you of when your parts are moving from one stage to the next so you can still keep track. Automating multi-stage cleaners means for a more efficient and cost-effective process

Does a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner have a sweep ability?

Yes, multi-stage ultrasonic parts cleaner machines have a sweep function. This allows for a regulated frequency that reduces dead spots in the tank, meaning a more even and better clean is produced.

Is there a warranty for this machine?

All of our ultrasonic parts washer units come with a warranty to guarantee both its quality and your peace of mind.