Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit AT200i


The AT200i is one of the most popular ultrasonic tanks for sale and offers precision, industrial cleaning. It has an internal capacity of 200 litres and a weight of 60kg. The AT200i ultrasonic cleaner has internal dimensions of 700mm x 600mm x 500mm.

This ultrasonic cleaner gives 2KW of ultrasonic power and has a temperature range of 0° to 80°C using a digital controller.

The operating frequency is 33khz with an operating voltage of 220/240v.

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Precision Cleaning

If you’re looking for an ultrasonic tank for sale that boasts high-intensity, precision cleaning for your industrial needs, then look no further than the AT200i. This sophisticated ultrasonic cleaner creates microscopic bubbles using high-frequency sound waves to remove contaminants from even the most intricate areas of industrial equipment. When the products are submerged, the bubbles make contact and collapse and, acting like microscopic explosions, they effectively remove all types of contaminants including grease, oils and debris just to name a few.

After the cleaning cycle is over, your industrial part will look as good as new thanks to the non-stop ultrasonic waves, meaning the AT200i is perfect for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

With all our ultrasonic tanks for sale, we ensure eco-friendly solutions for industrial industries. The AT200i is no different – ultrasonic cleaners require less detergent or solvents for effective cleaning and don’t require any harsh chemicals. Some cleaning solutions can also be filtered and reused, allowing for a more cost-effective means of cleaning.

No need to get your hands dirty or use disposable cloths or brushes – simply submerge and let the AT200i do all the work for you, eliminating excess waste. Additionally, you’ll be benefiting from reduced noise pollution thanks to ultrasonic cleaners being much quieter than traditional cleaning methods.

Reliable and Resilient

The AT200i industrial ultrasonic cleaner is designed and built to tackle a myriad of materials and metals – even titanium. Engineered with expert, high-tech cleaning in mind, you can rest assured that no matter what you submerge, it will come through the cycle shiny and clean. The stainless-steel unit is highly suitable for cleaning metals, glass, plastics, wood, silicone, ceramics and many composite materials. Ultrasonic cleaning is not suited for delicate fabrics and electronics such as circuit boards and microchips – always check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Suitable Industries for Industrial Cleaning

Product Information

Category Specification
Dimension Information
Capacity 200 Litres
Internal Dimension 700 x 600 x 500mm
Weight 35 kg
Electrical Specification
Operating voltage 220/240V
Ultrasonic power 1KW/2KW
Operating Frequency 33kHz
Ultrasonic time selection from 0 to 60 mins
Temperature 0°C – 80°C


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