Are Ultrasonic Cleaners Worth it?


What are ultrasonic cleaners and how do they work?


An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that uses high-frequency sound waves transmitted through liquid to clean items with complicated or difficult-to-reach areas in a quick and reliable way that won’t affect the object’s quality or integrity. Without using toxic chemicals or fumes, it can reach even the smallest crevices for a complete clean that will have the item looking brand new in moments.

These devices can reliably clean a huge variety of different materials, including metals, ceramics, glass, rubber and some forms of hard plastic. It will easily remove lubricants, grease, cutting oils, buffing or polishing compounds and more, and is a perfect solution for items with blind holes, cracks and recesses that are impossible to reach with other tools and cleaning agents. For example, car engine parts that have complicated mouldings and shapes but are subject to a build-up of grease and dirt, can become like new following an ultrasonic bath.

The item that needs cleaning is placed inside the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner, which is then filled with the special cleaning solution, often diluted with water. The machine is then turned on and it sends high-frequency sound waves (20 – 400 Hz) through the transducer (tank of liquid) to begin the cavitation process.

Cavitation occurs when soundwaves form a cavity that is trapped as a tiny bubble within the liquid solution. These tiny bubbles then implode violently, displacing the impurities, such as grease, dirt or rust, from the item being cleaned like microscopic hand-grenades. These minute, powerful bubbles are so small that they can precision-clean small, intricate or difficult-to-reach places such as screw heads, threads or hinges, producing an unrivalled cleaning process in an extremely short space of time. The higher the frequency used, the smaller the cavitation points, meaning that tiny and more intricate parts can be cleaned.

Portable ultrasonic cleaners are available for smaller items while dual-frequency machines are ideal for cleaning multiple items simultaneously. However, for the cleaning of larger items, such as those in the motor industry, a large tank will ensure the cleaning of parts time and time again with ease.



Who might want to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine?


Ultrasonic cleaning units are vital pieces of equipment in many industries. The automotive sector has already been mentioned, however, the variety of industries and purposes where ultrasonic cleaning machines can be used are wide and many. Scientific laboratories, medical and dental tools, jewellery and watchmakers, electronic repair workshops, musical instruments and engineering tool cleaning are just a few of the situations where an ultrasonic cleaning machine is of unrivalled benefit.



What are the different types of ultrasonic cleaners?



Portable systems

A small, portable ultrasonic cleaner can be used for more delicate tasks. A jewellery company, for example, might use one to clean tiny parts during the repair process. They can also be used to clean baby toys or equipment, as well as clothing and food, such as fruit and vegetables.


Small lab-sized tabletop systems

These are bigger than a portable machine, but not as heavy-duty as the industrial-sized tanks, and are perfect for cleaning lab equipment, medical and dental tools, as well as smaller electronic components or metal musical instrument parts. These machines are designed to work for long stretches of time, but not to be used in production cleaning as they shouldn’t be used continuously. We stock plenty of benchtop ultrasonic cleaners to suit the job.


Large, industrial-sized systems

These are usually stand-alone systems that can be used continuously for production cleaning. They usually have heavy-duty tanks; the generator is separate and they produce high wattage from the transducers. These machines are most effective for the ongoing cleaning processes of large car parts in production lines, among other large industrial procedures.



What are the benefits that make an ultrasonic cleaner worth it?


1. Thorough cleaning

An ultrasonic cleaner can clean more thoroughly than any other method. As previously mentioned, the way that the cleaner works with ultrasonic cavitation means that this way of cleaning can get into tiny crevices and places that would be virtually impossible to clean manually. The higher the frequency, the greater the cavitation process – cleaning minute, or even hidden places.


2. Time-saving

Depending on the items you need to clean, most machines can process several items simultaneously – saving time on cleaning them all individually. Dual-frequency machines are recommended for situations where cleaning multiple items is a daily occurrence. The actual cleaning process is also highly efficient in terms of time taken, as most items can be cleaned in a matter of minutes, and even the most heavily soiled items take a maximum of 20 – 30 minutes.


3. Low maintenance

Ultrasonic cleaners are relatively simple devices and as long as they are cleaned and maintained regularly, there is little to break down on these incredible cleaning machines. Even the solvents that are used in the cleaning solutions are generally non-aggressive or corrosive but are water-based.


4. Economical

If your business requires the frequent cleaning of items on a regular basis, then investing in an ultrasonic cleaning system is a no-brainer. With minimal costs to run – a little electricity and cleaning solvent – they save your company in cleaning time by providing a professional clean in minutes compared to the hours it could take to complete manually. This will exponentially speed up the processing speed of your business. Ultrasonic cleaners are famous for also being energy efficient.



How can EJ Ultrasonics help?

At EJ Ultrasonics, we have been in the business for 40 years, solving cleaning issues for some of the biggest names in industry, from Rolls Royce to Specsavers, among others. We understand how ultrasonic cleaning has the power to transform your business’s processes, the expertise to help you choose the right machine, and the skilled engineers to set up and also service and repair your equipment – keeping it in tip-top condition.

If you’re still unsure how an ultrasonic cleaning machine could transform your company and its cleaning requirements, then get in touch with one of our expert team members today to discuss the ideal system for you.