Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks, with their effortless ability to provide large-scale cleaning solutions, are an essential tool in many industrial environments. Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are sturdy and reliable machines, perfectly suited for factories, workshops and garages, that offer resilience against harsh chemicals that’s second to none. At EJ Ultrasonics, we leverage our extensive experience of over 40 years to provide top-tier industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ensuring the delivery of unmatched quality and cleanliness to our clients.

The research and design that goes into our bespoke ultrasonic cleaners is built around a commitment to sustainability. An Industrial ultrasonic cleaner provides a highly environmentally friendly method of large-scale industrial cleaning, which not only helps preserve the planet but also provides significant advantages over traditional cleaning techniques. Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners efficiently break down stubborn contaminants, reducing the usage of chemical additives and water, proving more cost-effective, more eco-friendly and much less labour-intensive than more traditional cleaning methods.

What Are Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are robust, large stainless-steel cleaning baths most used in factories, workshops, and garages. They clean even the most stubborn of contaminants found on components common in industrial settings without incurring any damage to your parts. Despite their heavy-duty uses, with proper maintenance, they offer a long lifecycle.

They are suitable for use in the machined parts, manufacturing and aerospace industries thanks to their large internal capacity and durability. At EJ Ultrasonics, our industrial ultrasonic cleaners safely and efficiently remove contaminants including dirt, oil and carbon. Our higher range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners come with multi-stage cleaning capabilities, allowing for an even deeper clean. They are available in a variety of sizes and capacities as standard, but we are also happy to offer custom-built units to meet your specific needs – simply take a look at our range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners for sale and get in touch.

At EJ Ultrasonics, our expertise spans the design and development of both high and low-power industrial ultrasonic cleaners. High-power equipment is often used for heavy-duty industrial applications, generating sub-microscopic vapour bubbles that efficiently clean impurities from components without compromising their structural integrity.

Our low-power industrial ultrasonic parts cleaners are predominantly employed for delicate cleaning tasks, such as jewellery and medical instruments. Regardless of the power specifications, all our industrial ultrasonic cleaners share a common feature – their design supports environmentally friendly practices. They minimise the usage of harsh cleaning agents and water, making them an optimal choice for industrial cleaning purposes.

We provide plenty of added extras to support your industrial cleaning unit, such as the multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner tank for sale, oil skimmers, pumps, and filters.


Made from stainless steel, our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are extremely durable to handle the prolonged use of cleaning chemicals and solutions with ease.

Large Capacity

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners have a large internal capacity to accommodate the cleaning of components of various sizes and shapes.

Added Extras

We have a host of available accessories such as oil skimmers, pumps and custom-made baskets.

Benefits Of Fully Industrial Cleaners

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are limitless in their benefits for cleaning in industrial settings. Some of the advantages they boast include:

  • A super long lifespan.
  • A durable, stainless-steel tank.
  • Ability to safely remove oil and carbon buildup on large components.

Applications Of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

These industrial ultrasonic cleaners are an important asset in many industries. Thanks to their large and robust tanks, they are capable of withstanding frequent use in factories, without compromising on quality, and are popular for numerous applications in many industries, including:

Manufacturing – cleaning machined parts ready for manufacturing is an easy task for industrial ultrasonic cleaners thanks to their high-power output.

Aerospace – care needs to be taken in the maintenance of aerospace parts, which is where industrial ultrasonic cleaners can offer quality cleaning without damage.

Food and Beverages – the risk of harmful bacteria is high with machinery used for food and beverages, so these industrial cleaning machine units break down tough liquids like grease for a quality clean.

Servicing And Repairs

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the point of purchase. At EJ Ultrasonics, we understand the significance of your investment in high-value industrial machines and aim to offer the most comprehensive and efficient servicing and repairs. Our specialist engineers, with their in-depth expertise, ensure your ultrasonic industrial cleaner runs at optimal capabilities, minimising any potential downtime.

We offer a simple 3-step process that includes a thorough assessment, a complete report on the issues and costs involved and functionality testing during repair work. We also provide a variety of maintenance and servicing plans to prevent further faults and expensive repairs in the future. We also provide a transducer bonding service.

Your industrial ultrasonic cleaner plays a crucial role in your operations, and we want to ensure it provides the best service for your business. For a reliable, expert service you can trust, choose EJ Ultrasonics.

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Why Choose EJ Ultrasonics?

EJ Ultrasonics has been in the ultrasonic cleaning business for over 20 years, and with the acquisition of Langford Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning.

Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are reliable, cost-effective, and heavy-duty machines. As leaders in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, we have been pivotal in the advancement of its technology. We host one of the largest service centres for ultrasonic cleaners including, repair, maintenance, and servicing to excellent standards.

If you require a heavy-duty cleaning system, our industrial cleaners effectively remove even the most stubborn of contaminants without incurring any damage to your parts. We have industrial cleaners available to purchase, as well as hire for a limited time to suit your needs - get in touch today for more information about industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

What is the difference between an industrial cleaner and a standard one?

Whilst standard ultrasonic cleaners offer an intense and reliable clean, they are not suitable for large parts and certain debris. An industrial ultrasonic cleaner has the power to remove high levels of soiling without damaging parts and are most used in industrial settings such as factories and plants. We also provide OEM Services, find out more here.

What kind of parts can go in my industrial ultrasonic cleaner?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are more suited to large mechanical parts found in industrial settings. These include automotive parts like diesel injectors, other car parts fan blades of aircrafts and even machine parts used for food and beverages.

Will it remove heavy soiling from parts?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are excellent at removing heavy soiling such as oil, grease and carbon. They have a larger power output than smaller units, meaning a deeper clean is achieved without any damage.

Does your industrial ultrasonic cleaner have a sweeping function?

At EJ Ultrasonics, our industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment operates a sweeping function to support the operation of the machine. A sweeping function in an industrial ultrasonic cleaner allows for less dead spots in the solution, meaning an all-round better clean without needing to increase the power. 

Is there a warranty for this machine?

All our ultrasonic cleaning units come with a warranty to guarantee their quality, performance and your peace of mind.

Can industrial ultrasonic cleaners damage sensitive components?

An industrial ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful machine but is designed to thoroughly clean components without causing damage. However, it is crucial you ensure your items are compatible before placing them in the solution

Are there safety considerations for using an industrial ultrasonic cleaner?

Yes. It is important to follow all safety instructions and protocol when operating an industrial ultrasonic cleaner to consider all safety risks such as exposure to chemicals, electrical safety, ultrasonic noise, hot solutions, splashing risks, overloading and more.

How do I choose the right industrial ultrasonic cleaner for my needs?

At EJ Ultrasonics, we have over 40 years of experience in supplying ideal machines to numerous industries. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your unique needs and we will ensure you have the most suitable industrial ultrasonic cleaner for you.

What maintenance is required for industrial ultrasonic cleaners?

All proper maintenance is required as instructed in the handbook to maintain optimal performance, as well as annual servicing from professionals.

What type of objects can be cleaned with industrial ultrasonic cleaners?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are versatile machines that can be used to clean most items without causing any damage. There are a few items that should never be placed in a basket for cleaning, including soft or precious metals, electronic devices with batteries, wood, painted or coated items, fragile components and instruments with delicate adjustments.