5 Benefits of Working With An OEM Company For Your Ultrasonic Machine Needs 

There is an old adage that says, ‘Don’t work hard, work smart’, and that couldn’t be more appropriate than when you choose to work with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as, not only can they supply you with specific machinery, equipment or customised designs to perfectly suit your needs, they can offer a host of other benefits too.

In this article, we are going to highlight the main reasons it would be prudent for a business to source an OEM for their ultrasonic cleaner machine needs, along with a list of additional benefits. So, let’s dive straight in.

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What is an OEM Company?


An OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer. Essentially, making the components or parts used in the final products of other companies whilst also designing, developing and building in-house products that progress with technology and innovation.

For example, you may require new tyres on your car and opt for Firestone or Pirelli, your car will still be the brand and model it was before, but Firestone or Pirelli will be the OEM of the tyres. A reason you may choose to go for OEM tyres is the reputation and experience of the company reassures you the part will be of the highest quality and will function as needed.

OEMs bring specialisation to your product, and this focus enables them to gain in-depth knowledge to refine their processes and achieve a high level of expertise. They typically invest in research and development, providing them with the intelligence to innovate and improve their products for the ever-changing markets and customer needs. They will have complete control over their manufacturing process, from design to distribution, which means they can ensure consistency and quality at every stage, and tweak where necessary to improve performance or productivity. OEMs will typically employ an experienced workforce who have a deep understanding of their industry and their products with a highly developed skill set. This translates into superior product design, production and quality assurance, as well as a fountain of knowledge to turn to, should you have questions or problems.

Another key reason for choosing to use an OEM is they can design and build components, parts or machines, tailored precisely to your business needs and demands, and, by communicating closely with customers, they can gain a greater understanding of your business and adapt to improve your products. Which is ideal when sourcing an ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer. For further information on what sonic cleaning machines are click here.


Top 5 Benefits


Customisation Options


Not every machine is ideal for every use or company, and this is very true when it comes to sonic cleaning machines. It may be down to simple size specifications as you may need to clean the smallest of parts and therefore not want to waste energy with a machine too large, or you may need to clean sizeable components that need a bigger ultrasonic cleaner bath. Maybe you require specific frequencies, power outputs, design modifications or something else unique to your operations. Working with an OEM gives you an ear for your specific business and the intended purpose for the ultrasonic cleaner unit, which means it can be adapted for best usage to you or integrated with other systems you may have in place.


Quality Assurance and Reliability


It is paramount to your business reputation to supply a high-quality product that functions as intended and can be relied on to last efficiently, and to ensure this, it is just as important to source quality parts. By partnering with an OEM for your manufacture, you can be safe knowing the production of all components comes from a company that cares about the final product as much as you do. When investing in a professional ultrasonic cleaner, if you go direct to an OEM, you can not only be confident the machine will be well designed and constructed with care, expertise and stringent quality control measures throughout the process, but it will also be built to last.


Access to The Latest Technology


Just because a product was brilliant in the past, it doesn’t mean it will always stay this way. Technology is forever advancing, and due to this, our lives are constantly changing as are our demands. This has a knock-on effect in the business world as companies strive to stand out from the crowd by keeping their finger on the pulse of consumer and B2B needs. An OEM will always have access to the newest innovations in their field and the opportunity to implement advancement and improvement. OEMs are the zeitgeist of industry, and by partnering with an OEM, your business can stay at the cutting edge of your industry with the full support and benefit of the new tech your OEM has passed your way, enhancing the performance of your operations and future-proofing investments.


Comprehensive Support and Services


It is all well and good to invest in the latest tools, equipment, software, hardware and other business needs, but without effective support and after-sales services, it could easily become an expensive ornament. With an OEM, you are likely to have access to a comprehensive after-sales support service including, maintenance, spare parts, technical support, training and more. OEMs will typically want to ensure all customers get the most out of their product, such as ultrasonic cleaners, and so will endeavour to ensure all customers have the know-how to utilise the machine to the best of its capabilities and support them with any issues or further problems, to maintain high customer retention and uphold their reputation.


Faster Time to Market


OEMs will have many contacts in the industry and concrete supply chains developed through experience, which can benefit businesses that partner with them through potential volume discounts, priority support and being notified early of upcoming developments or advancements. Also, possible priority purchasing for new and improved products or parts. These supply chains will also allow the OEM to offer reduced lead times on many products whilst maintaining great stock availability, which ultimately allows your products to get to market quicker.


How EJ Ultrasonics Can Help with Your Ultrasonic Needs


At EJ Ultrasonics, we have over 40 years of experience within the ultrasonic cleaning industry, and we pride ourselves on offering our superb OEM service to help other manufacturers enhance their products. Our experienced team of highly skilled engineers and technicians work closely with all our OEM customers to develop industrial ultrasonic cleaners that work precisely for the needs of their operations. Click here to discover more about how we could help you.


Our Top Industrial Products


  1.  The powerful AT120i is a large industrial ultrasonic cleaning unit with an internal capacity of 120 litres.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning machine AT28i - Lid Off

2.  The handy AT14i is a fantastic ultrasonic cleaning unit with an internal capacity of 12.5 litres, making it ideal for smaller parts and reducing energy consumption.

industrial ultrasonic baths

3.  The impactful AT38i industrial ultrasonic cleaning unit is perfect for industries like automation, as the 35-litre capacity unit can fit snugly in any workshop, lab or garage.

Industrial Cleaning Unit AT28i

Is it time to take your business to the next level by getting in on the ground floor and partnering with the ultrasonic cleaner OEM OGs? Get in touch with our highly experienced and helpful team at EJ Ultrasonics and tell us all about your business and what you need, and we will endeavour to find the perfect solution for you.