Ultrasonic Cleaners For Veterinary Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaners For Veterinary Instruments

Becoming increasingly popular as an effective and efficient way to clean veterinary equipment, the cleaners can reach into the most difficult areas of the equipment for a thorough and hygienic clean. The ultrasonic cleaning process is much more effective than traditional methods, removing dirt and bacteria that can be difficult to remove by hand, and ensuring equipment for surgery is completely free of contaminants.

Ultrasonic cleaners are much gentler on equipment reducing the risk of damage and the need for harsh chemicals, making them more environmentally friendly, as well as simply being quicker and easier to achieve a total clean. They are available from EJ Ultrasonics in a range of sizes and models to suit the medical equipment that needs cleaning.

Why Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner For Veterinary Tools And Instruments?

A veterinary surgery uses surgical instruments which need a thorough cleaning of blood, tissue, and bacteria to prevent contamination of other animals or staff. An ultrasonic cleaner allows a precision clean, with the cavitation process able to reach into the tiniest crevices and blind holes in instruments, without damaging equipment or corroding surfaces. It reduces the risk of injury to staff, which is greater when cleaning equipment by hand.

The cleaner is also environmentally friendly, requiring only a small volume of cleaning solution in the water (5% – 95%) which can then operate all day, cleaning batch after batch, as opposed to the volume of fluids needed for the process to be done by hand. Efficiency is another benefit as the ultrasonic cleaner works in minutes, rather than the lengthier time taken to clean individual instruments by hand.

What Veterinary Equipment Can And Cannot Be Cleaned With An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What Can?

Many standard items of veterinary equipment can be cleaned more successfully with an ultrasonic cleaner than by hand. Any item which is made from metal, plastic or glass can be completely cleaned in a matter of minutes.

What Can't?

Parts that have non-removable seals should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner as they will be permanently damaged. Ultrasonic cleaners should also not be used to clean items made from rubber, wood, sensitive or electronically embedded components. Any items that have flammable or combustible parts, as well as chromium-plated instruments cannot be cleaned.

Our Recommended Cleaning Units

EJ Ultrasonic offers a range of cleaning units for cleaning veterinary tools and instruments, in different dimensions and tank volumes. The largest instruments that you need to clean will determine the size of the tank, whether benchtop, industrial or multi-stage units.
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