Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner (3 Stage)


Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner (3 Stage)

You can customise your unit with our modular multi-stage cleaning system to meet your needs. Select from Dryers, Town Rinse, DI Rinse, Ultrasonic Washers, and more.

Advanced Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner

Level up the quality of your cleaning by investing in a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning unit that helps to ensure your process is carried out professionally and effectively by operators. The process validation system employs both visual and auditory alerts to notify you of any abnormalities from the cleaning process that you have selected.

The ability to customise your ultrasonic tank to suit your process needs with a varying choice of ultrasonic cleans, rinses, DI/spray /immersion, and dryers, providing you with the best clean possible. Maintain a single footprint for all your cleaning to minimise handling-related contamination and provide an entirely clean solution.

The system’s cutting-edge ultrasonic power modulation circuitry ensures effective and efficient cleaning, eliminating dead spots and providing a thorough cleaning of the entire ultrasonic tank. The units are constructed using 316L stainless steel for durability and longevity, the advanced generator technology regulates power to avoid unnecessary strain on the multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system.

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With minimal help from the user, a three-stage multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner can be configured to handle a variety of cleaning procedures, including pre-wash, wash, and dry.

Precision Cleaning With The Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner (Stage 3)

Ultrasonic cleaners are a top choice in industrial cleaning because they offer various industries high-precision cleaning and the capacity to remove impurities from complicated goods with blind holes or cracks.

Advanced technology enables a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and pharmaceuticals, to achieve high standards of cleanliness while improving efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Here at EJ Ultrasonics, we sell a range of multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

EJ Ultrasonics offers an eco-friendly substitute for industrial cleaning, and we can assist you in selecting the ideal ultrasonic cleaner for your company.

In ultrasonic cleaning, there is no need for harsh chemicals. The process requires less detergent or cleaning solvent than that of traditional cleaning but is still an incredibly effective cleaning process. Another bonus to ultrasonic cleaning solutions is that in some instances these solutions can be filtered and reused. There is no need for disposable cleaning items such as cloths, pads and brushes when using an ultrasonic cleaning system. Your ultrasonic tank is a much quieter cleaning solution as long as the machine is maintained and used correctly. Unlike traditional methods, ultrasonic cleaning separates waste products meaning there is no hazardous waste left at the end, which is very costly to dispose of.

Suitable Industries For Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines

Product Information

Category Specification
Length 3400mm
Depth 1100mm
Height 900mm
Tank Configuration
Ultrasonic 1
Rinse 1
Dry 1
Electrical Supply / Usage
Supply 400V, 3ϕ +N +E – 50/60Hz 20A
Average Running <6kW
Average in Sleep Mode <1kW
Water Supply / Usage
Pipe Size 15mm
Minimum Pressure 2 bar
Usage <60 lph
Compressed Air / Usage N/A
Effluent Drain 32mm gravity drain (Pump away tank as option)
Fume Extraction φ100mm duct
Batch Size A/R
Process Time 20-60 Minutes



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