Modular Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner (1 stage)


Modular Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner (Single  Stage )

By utilising cutting-edge ultrasonic electronics for power modulation, this sophisticated multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner ensures effective and efficient cleaning, eliminating dead spots and providing a thorough cleaning of the entire tank. The several tanks of a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system enable the rapid and effective movement of parts between stages without the need for additional equipment.

Power is regulated by sophisticated generator technology to prevent unneeded strain and provide class-leading dependability. All units are constructed using 316L stainless steel to give a durable and long-lasting multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system despite their heavy-duty uses.

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A single-stage modular multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner can be set up to accommodate many cleaning processes, such as pre-wash, wash, and dry, with little assistance from the user.

Precision Cleaning With The Modular Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner (Stage 1)

Providing different industries with high-precision cleaning and the ability to remove contaminants from complex items with blind holes or cracks, is why ultrasonic tank cleaners are a leading favourite in industrial cleaning.

The expert technology allows for industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceuticals, as well as many more the ability to sufficiently clean items to a high standard and in a significantly more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly manner. We have a variety of multi-stage ultrasonic cleaners available to purchase here at EJ Ultrasonics.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

An environmentally friendly alternative to industrial cleaning, EJ Ultrasonics can help you choose the perfect ultrasonic cleaner for your business, so why not contact us?

Harsh chemicals are not required for ultrasonic cleaning. Even though the method uses less detergent or cleaning solution than standard cleaning, it is still sufficient. The fact that ultrasonic cleaning solutions can occasionally be filtered and used again is an additional benefit. When using an ultrasonic cleaning system, disposable cleaning supplies like towels, pads, and brushes are not necessary. If you keep your ultrasonic tank clean and utilise it correctly, it’s a considerably quieter cleaning alternative. As ultrasonic cleaning can isolate waste items, unlike traditional methods, there is no hazardous waste, which can be highly expensive to dispose of.

Suitable Industries For Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines

Product Information

Category Specification
Length 850mm
Depth 1100mm
Height 900mm
Tank Configuration
Ultrasonic 1
Rinse 1
Dry 1
Electrical Supply / Usage
Supply 400V, 3ϕ +N +E – 50/60Hz 20A
Running Power (Average) <6kW
Sleep Mode Power (Average) <1kW
Water Supply / Usage
Pipe Size 15mm
Minimum Pressure 2 bar
Water Usage <60 lph
Compressed Air / Usage N/A
Effluent Drain 32mm gravity drain (Pump away tank as option)
Fume Extraction φ100mm duct
Batch Size A/R
Process Time 20-60 Minutes



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