EJ 1500C Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator


Our ultrasonic cleaning generators are highly tuned to give the optimal and most reliable cleaning.

The advanced circuitry regulates the power output to decrease dead spots in a tank and increase cleaning effectiveness.

This also puts less strain on the generator to give you a durable unit.

The range can be fitted to submersibles or base mounted transducers and can be used to replacing existing generators or for use on brand new cleaning systems.


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Product Information

Category Specification
Dimension information 280 x 300 x 140
Electrical specification
Operating voltage 230V
Ultrasonic power 1500w
Operating Frequency 33khz (Frequency Sweep System)
Digital Control board
Main switch
Ultrasonic time selection from 0 to 60min
Temperature selection from 0 to 80
Memory retention settings for ease of use
Digital controlled for efficient and accurate cleaning


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