Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit AT45i


The user-friendly AT45i industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment, with an internal capacity of 45 litres, is ideal for a wide range of industries needing to clean small to mid-sized products. The AT45i industrial ultrasonic cleaning unit has internal dimensions of 500mm x 300mm x 400mm that will safely house and clean objects from jewellery to medical equipment such as surgical tools.

The AT45i gives 600W of ultrasonic power and has a temperature range of 0°C to 80°C adjustable by digital controller, allowing you to precisely manage your cleaning requirements. Able to clean products in just 60 minutes, you’ll have whatever you need cleaned and ready to use again in no time.

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Precision Cleaning with The AT45i

During the cleaning cycle of the AT45i, high-frequency sound waves produce cavitation bubbles in the liquid cleaning solution. When they encounter the submerged object, they create localised pressure and precisely dislodge and remove all manner of contaminants. The AT45i has 600W of ultrasonic power and effectively cleans industrial items quickly, making this an ideal alternative to arduous manual cleaning. The AT45i is more than proficient at safely removing oil and carbon buildup on components and is suitable for more delicate cleaning tasks – including jewellery and medical instruments. Say goodbye to impurities and debris with industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is incredibly environmentally friendly, and EJ Ultrasonics strives to develop all our ultrasonic cleaners to meet all businesses environmental standards. Without the need for harsh chemicals, you can use detergents and solvents that are more eco-friendly as well as filtering and reusing them in certain applications. Indeed, physical waste is no longer an issue as the need for disposable cloths, pads and brushes for manual cleaning are not needed. Operating at just 220/240V, you’ll have industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment that not only requires less power but also is significantly quieter than traditional industrial cleaning methods.

Reliable and Resilient

The AT45i offers rigorous reliability and resilience with everything it cleans. The ultrasonic machine is made from high-grade stainless steel, weighing just 35kg and is perfect for cleaning a host of different products. EJ Ultrasonics ensures all products we design are long-lasting and able to handle prolonged use of cleaning chemicals and solutions. The AT45i guarantees resilience against even the toughest of contaminants on materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, silicone and wood, in addition to adding extra features, such as oil skimmers, pumps and filters.

Suitable Industries for Industrial Cleaning

Product Information

Category Specification
Dimension Information
Capacity 45 Litres
Internal Dimension 500 x 300 x 400
Weight kg
Electrical Specification
Operating voltage 220/240V
Ultrasonic power 600W
Operating Frequency 33kHz
Ultrasonic time selection from 0 to 60 mins
Temperature 0°C-80°C



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