Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators

Ultrasonic cleaning generators are the heart of every ultrasonic cleaning system.

They are what produces the frequencies to be transformed into the sound waves that clean your parts.

What Are Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators?

Ultrasonic generators are an important appliance in every sonic cleaning machine. They not only supply the high-frequency signal fundamental for producing cavitation (the bubbles that clean your parts), but also in controlling that frequency and the power. An ultrasonic generator must be configured to match the settings of your transducer and tank capabilities to work effectively. Generators work in harmony with transducers, with the ultrasonic generator supplying electrical energy at the required frequency, and the ultrasonic transducer converting the supplied electrical energy into mechanical vibrations.

In addition, ultrasonic cleaning generators have the important job of automatically adjusting those signals to ensure the correct output is given for what is in the tank. For example, if there is a smaller load in the tank, the generator will adjust the frequencies to ensure that only the power required is given, meaning that there are no dead spots in the tank to provide the best clean possible. They can be fitted to both submersible or base mounted ultrasonic transducers, as well as being used to replace existing generators or provide power to new cleaning systems. At EJ Ultrasonics, our cleaning generators are highly tuned to give the most optimal and reliable cleaning – get in touch to learn more.


The free standing design of ultrasonic cleaning generators mean they have no difficulty being used with any size of ultrasonic tank and transducer.


Ultrasonic cleaning generators can automatically adjust the frequency levels within the tank, offering the most control to ensure maximum efficiency and cleaning quality.


Despite their fundamental role in every ultrasonic cleaning system, ultrasonic generators are incredibly durable to resist the damage and strain that comes with their frequent use.

Benefits Of Ultrasonic Generators

Ultrasonic cleaning generators boast many benefits that make them a favoured solution to providing ultrasonic cleaning capabilities to tanks. Some of these include:

  • Can automatically adjust power output for maximum efficiency
  • Free-standing design that allows for movement between tanks
  • Ability to be installed to new tanks and existing tanks
  • Several frequency options to match your needs

Industrial Applications Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators

Generators are a necessary addition to any ultrasonic cleaning set up as without them, no frequencies can be produced to clean your parts. Because of this, they are limitless in their applications, but some include:

  • Food and Beverages – the risk of harmful bacteria is high with machinery used for food and beverages, so ultrasonic generators provide the efficient frequencies that help break down tough liquids like grease for a quality clean
  • Manufacturing – cleaning machined parts ready for manufacturing is an easy task for ultrasonic cleaning generators thanks to their high power output
  • Aerospace – care needs to be taken in the maintenance of aerospace parts, which is where ultrasonic cleaning generators can provide the power needed to offer quality cleaning without damage to any parts
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Why EJ Ultrasonics?

EJ Ultrasonics has been in the ultrasonic cleaning business for over 20 years, and with the acquisition of Langford Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning.

Our ultrasonic cleaning generators are easy to control, maximise efficiency, and provide the fundamental power needed for your cleaning solutions. As leaders in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, we have been pivotal in the advancement of its technology. We host one of the largest service centres for ultrasonic cleaners including, repair, maintenance, and servicing to excellent standards.

No matter the size or uses of your ultrasonic cleaner, a generator is a necessity for it to function. Our generators are highly tuned to provide reliable and optimal cleaning of your parts - simply get in touch today for more information about our ultrasonic cleaning generators.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators FAQs

How does an ultrasonic cleaner generator work?

Ultrasonic generators work by producing frequencies to be transformed into the sound waves that clean your parts. These waves then create cavitations, or bubbles, in the solution that burst and clean.

Do your generators help reduce dead spots in the tank?

At EJ Ultrasonics, our generators have the ability to automatically adjust and control the frequencies within the tank. This means that there is the correct amount supplied for the size of the parts, resulting in a lack of dead spots as the frequencies are spread evenly.

How efficient are your generators?

Because of their ability to sweep and adjust the frequency levels, ultrasonic cleaning generators are highly efficient. They ensure only the required output is delivered to reduce energy waste, as well as cleaning parts effectively with the correct power for the size.

Will my ultrasonic cleaning system not come with a generator already?

This will depend on the type of unit you purchase. At EJ Ultrasonics, our ultrasonic cleaning systems offer every aspect required for a ready-to-go cleaning solution, such as the generator to power it. However, if you were to purchase just a modular tank, this does not include a generator as it is just a component of a larger system.

Is there a warranty for this machine?

All of our units come with a warranty to guarantee both its quality and your peace of mind.