Hospital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Medical Cleaning Machines For Hospitals

At EJ Ultrasonic, we provide the best ultrasonic medical cleaning systems, which are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and clean tools gently and effectively.

In the medical cleaning industry today, using an ultrasonic cleaning system is essential because the ultrasound cleaning machine is known to sterilise and disinfect the medical equipment like tools etc, to leave no unwanted residue like blood, tissues etc.

Before the ultrasonic process, ensure no blood or other organic material is dried up on the tools, because it may interfere with the sterilisation process.

Our hospital ultrasonic cleaner uses an aqueous-based solution (water-based) which determines no harsh chemicals could potentially be left on the instruments; this is a much more accurate and swifter way of getting the hospital tools clean efficiently. This also reduces labour and saves money.

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Zimmer Biomet
Zimmer Biomet
Zimmer Biomet needed a new ultrasonic cleaning system, so contacted EJ Ultrasonics for their tailored solution.
Zimmer Biomet