Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit AT28i


The midsized AT28i is an ideal industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner, capable of bringing even the grimiest carburettor back to life. With an ample internal capacity of 28 litres, internal dimensions of 500mm x 300mm x 200mm, and weighing only 30kg, the AT28i can handle most automotive parts and, with 800w of ultrasonic power produced, it is sure to offer a deep clean. It comes with an adjustable temperature, ranging from 0° to 80°. And operates at 33khz with a voltage of 220/240v.

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Precision Cleaning With The AT28i

The AT28i industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner generates cavitation bubbles in liquid cleaning solutions using high-frequency sound waves. When these tiny bubbles make contact with submerged objects, they collapse, creating a powerful localised pressure, similar to a small explosion, that clears contaminants from the surfaces of submerged objects including dirt, grease, oil and debris.

Throughout the whole cleaning cycle, the AT28i industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner will continually produce ultrasonic waves generating an endless stream of cavitation bubbles, leaving your submerged part thoroughly deep-cleaned and ready for use.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

The AT28i industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner is an environmentally conscious cleaning unit for many reasons including the following:

Reduced Chemical Usage

Thanks to the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning, less detergent or solvents are required resulting in minimised use of harsh chemicals.

Reusable Solutions

In certain applications, the liquid cleaning solution used in an ultrasonic cycle can be filtered and used again.

Reduced Physical Waste

There is minimal need for disposable items such as cloths, pads and brushes, meaning less is sent to a landfill.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Compared to most alternative mechanical cleaning methods, a well-looked-after industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner will operate at a much lower noise level.

Waste Segregation

Unlike alternative cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning separates waste into individual components, preventing the accumulation of environmentally hazardous sludge that would require costly disposal.

H2: Reliable and Resilient

Titanium is one of the toughest metals going and the powerful stainless-steel AT28i industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner handles it with ease. You can be confident every object you put through its cleaning cycle will emerge thoroughly clean thanks to the scientific process of ultrasonic cleaning. Always make sure your object is compatible by reading the manufacturer’s guidelines and if you’re still unsure, try a test piece first. While ultrasonic cleaning is a superb method for metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, silicone, wood and more, certain materials such as sensitive fabrics, delicate electronics or porous materials should be cleaned using other methods.

Suitable Industries for Ultrasonic Cleaning

• Manufacturing
• Healthcare and Medical
• Jewellery
• Automotive
• Aerospace

Product Information

Category Specification
Dimension Information
Capacity 55 Litres
Internal Dimension 600 x 500 x 250
Weight 30kg
Electrical Specification
Operating voltage 220/240V
Ultrasonic power 800W
Operating Frequency 33kHz
Ultrasonic time selection From 0 to 60 mins
Temperature 0°C-80°C


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